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Module 1. Become an All-Star

You're going to learn how to clean up and master your profile. The goal of this module is to reach All-Star status on LinkedIn. This will allow you to be visible up to 27x more likely on LinkedIn.

Module 2. Set real goals

You will learn how to set your new sales goals. This module will teach you everything you need to know on how to set realistic, attainable goals and crush them. This section applies to most goals in life as well.

Module 3. Build a selling profile

Now that you are an All-Star, we have to modify your LinkedIn to become a 24 - hour salesperson. You learn how to make your profile desirable to your ideal customer to begin making high-quality connections.

Module 4. Locate your customer

Not sure where your ideal customer lives online. You're going to learn how to find them, where they hang out and how to get in front of them.

Module 5. Master content creation

Customers aren't going to buy from you if its the first time they see you. Mastering content creation keeps you in front of your ideal customer, build trust, and convert to sales.

Module 6. Sales Strategies

Now that you have the potential to make a sale, are you equipped to take that person from interested to closed? Let's go over some ways to seal the deal with 100% satisfaction.

Module 7. Lead Generation and Conversion

We bring all the skills learned and more together to build a large pipeline of deals and convert them into sales. 

Module 8. LinkedIn Premium

Curious to know how to use Sales Navigator? Maybe you want to use LinkedIn Business plan to grown you and nurture your network. Its all included in here.

Bonus Content

The course is packed with bonus content. Each module comes with worksheets, power points, checklists, and more. In addition, there is a whole section of bonus content where you can learn about algorithms, how to make content go viral, group mastery, and so much more. Bonus content is added frequently with fresh new ideas that are even more relevant after the completion of the course. There is also a private Facebook group for Platinum members only.

Turn LinkedIn to a 24/7 Selling Machine!

LinkedIn is the most underrated social media platform on the market. If your one of those people who isn't sure if its something you can master. Now is the time to take the bull by the horns and conquer the platform.

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This course is designed to be digested as fast as you want to go. Learn at your own pace and master the content so you can build your own social media empire.


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