Using LinkedIn to Land Your Dream Job

Finding and landing a job is more important than ever as we are amid the global pandemic. 

And one of the best ways to do this is via LinkedIn,  the professional networking platform that lets its members create business connections, hunt for jobs, and find potential clients.

The site also lets its users build and engage with their professional networks, access shared knowledge findings, and obtain new business opportunities.

Also, LinkedIn has mobile applications across various...

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Getting Your LinkedIn Account in Tip-Top Shape

linkedin profile tips Oct 04, 2020

Now that you have decided to start a LinkedIn account or get your current one in tip-top shape consider the following proper LinkedIn etiquette tips to make it shine.

Be Personal With Connection Requests

Personalize each connection request that you send to others first and foremost. You will most likely get a response and acceptance of your request by reminding the recipients of how you know them, as well as why they may want to connect. This is key when connecting with people you have...

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Use Endorsements And Recommendations To Fine-tune Your LinkedIn Profile

linkedin profile Feb 07, 2020

Social media grows bigger and more influential by the day. As this influence grows, people are becoming more and more dependent on social media connections to keep them informed.

The professional world is no different.

Many employers use online tools to search for and choose new employees. Your online presence can help you build your career in ways that were not possible before.

Thanks to LinkedIn, there is a social media site that is designed specifically for this. Unlike sites such as...

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The world is changing. Don't miss out on a LinkedIn update or a way for you to improve your sales! 

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