How Many Podcasts Are There?

How many podcasts are there? More than you might think.

No question listening to various podcasts has become the thing to do in the past several years for everyone from moms and dads to seniors, teens, and business professionals.

And because of their popularity, the number of podcasts being produced and airing regularly have also grown.

So how many podcasts are there? According to, there are 750,000 podcasts on Apple Podcasts and there are more than 1 million...

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Why are Podcasts Still Popular?

Not much time? Try listening to a podcast.

Podcasts are great because they can be enjoyed while running, commuting, making dinner, cleaning the house, and walking the dog — and they offer an opportunity to learn something new, get informed on things like current events, or to simply get a laugh. All these reasons are why podcasts have become so popular over the years.

Today there are more than 1,000,000 podcast shows to listen to, and as of April 2020, there are now more than...

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The 7 Podcast Mistakes That Can Kill Your Show’s Growth

how to podcasts Aug 15, 2020

Podcasts can be an exciting, creative, and lucrative experience. The medium continues to grow at a rapid pace, with over 30 million podcast episodes online. Starting a podcast is quite easy. With apps like, you can start a podcast in a few hours. At the same time, easy does not equal good. Most podcasts online don’t get the downloads and listens they probably deserve. That’s because some simple podcast mistakes are hampering the growth of what’s probably an...

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Podcast vs Blog: Which One Should You Choose?

podcasts Jul 29, 2020

Podcast vs. blog is a common question that comes up in content creation, so let’s explore them both. In the mid-90s, the first “weblog” was created. Since then, millions of people around the world have started blogs on subjects like fishing, home decor, firearms, and electronics. Some bloggers have gone on to have lucrative writing careers like Mark Manson and James Clear. As of 2020, there are 600 million blogs with 31 million bloggers in America alone.

In 2004, podcasts...

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Tips for Building Successful Future Podcasts

Now that you have launched your first few podcasts or are about to, the next question is can you make it a success?

With diligence, professionalism, and attention to detail, you can. 

For example, instead of simply being on the air, these suggestions below could help you stay on the air and exist for a long time.

More than Launching

Once you've recorded the audio and uploaded it to your media host, there’s more to it than just getting your message out.

While many podcasters...

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5 Ways A Podcast Makes Money For Your Business

podcasts Jun 18, 2020

5 Ways A Podcast Makes Money For Your Business

What’s all the hype about podcasts? In terms of media, podcasts continue to show steady growth. More than 197 million Americans listen to podcasts. That number is expected to grow in the coming years. 


People love podcasts as it’s the only form of media they can passively consume.


Take in your favorite podcasts while in the shower, driving the car, or working from home. 


Without a doubt, you can’t...

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Podcasts For Lead Generation: A Complete Guide

podcasts sales Jun 18, 2020


A Lead Generation Gem You’re Missing Out On

If you own a business or work in sales, you continuously think about lead generation. New leads mean potential new sales. And with any company, sales are the lifeblood. With the internet and social media, there are several ways to generate leads for your business. Yet many companies and salespeople are sleeping on starting a podcast for lead generation. 


Podcasts? My leads are busy running their businesses, working from...

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