How To Find (And Land) Podcast Sponsorship

podcasting Sep 18, 2020

Is your podcast gaining some traction? Then the next thing you should plan to do is to monetize your podcast.

Even if you started it as a hobby, monetizing is a great way to keep you creating high-quality content, so you don’t have to worry about keeping the lights on.

Monetizing through sponsorships is one of the best ways to start earning some income. For many podcasters, getting their first sponsor is like a rite of passage.

With sponsorship, you have to advertise a particular...

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Ways to Budget for a Podcast

You budget your home's expenses as well as office, but what about your podcast? 

It is well-known that a regular podcast program can help you get your ideas and thoughts out to an audience within your niche or to whatever you are trying to say.

Whether you already have a growing and successful podcast or are just thinking about launching one, you should consider creating a budget.

The Popularity of Podcasts 

Podcasts online are not new and have been growing since they first became...

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Why Podcasting is getting more popular for business

podcast podcasting Jun 29, 2020


Podcast online


Bill Gates has once rightly said – "if the business isn't on the internet, then the business will be out of business." In the digital world, podcasting has become a sensation. In an online ecosystem, the demand for podcasts is skyrocketing with every passing day. Podcasting is a prominent choice for online businesses. So why is this fever catching up with the businesses? Fret not, for we are here to tell you why and make you understand how podcasting aids...

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Lead Generation for B2B Sales


Anyone can generate random leads. But how do you turn a random lead into a potential client? There are a few quick, efficient and affordable ways. But first you need to answer the following questions about your business

  1. What is your demographic?
  2. How are you reaching your ideal customer?
  3. What’s your ROI on your current lead gen program?

After you’ve answered these questions, you’re ready to dive in. According to Marketing Insider Group, it’s all about...

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