Transistor Podcast Hosting Review: Should You Stick With Transistor?

podcast podcast setup Sep 29, 2020

When creating a podcast, there are a lot of moving parts. To create a show your listeners will enjoy, you need the right equipment, editing, and quality, high-value content. You’ll also need a podcast host, and choosing the right one can sometimes make or break your podcast. I’ve done some short reviews on popular podcast hosting services like Podbean, Buzzsprout, and Anchor. Transistor has been one of the new kids on the block.

Podcast hosting and why you need one

When you launch...

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What equipment do I need to start a podcast? Both In Person and Zoom!

podcast setup Sep 07, 2020

For this blog, I will be covering what you need to start a podcast for both an in-person podcast with multiple guests and what you need for a zoom podcast. Along with that, I will give you several options for setups that you can purchase to remove any guesswork.


Before we talk about equipment, if you have found this blog, you are about to start a podcast or debating on creating a podcast. Here are a couple of quick pros and cons I have seen. With a zoom podcast, you're at the mercy of...

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