How to Network on Facebook in 2020

facebook networking Jun 22, 2020

How to Network on Facebook in 2020 (Build Your Professional Network Fast!)



The word sends shivers down your spine. All it takes is the casual pairing of the words “elevator” and “pitch” and you’re breaking into a cold sweat. 


Thankfully, in today’s technological era, networking no longer has to feel so disabling. Businesses are going digital, and social media has become a breeding ground for meaningful professional...

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How Many LinkedIn Connections Can (or Should) You Have?


Whether you have just signed up for LinkedIn or you are already active you might be wondering how many LinkedIn connections you can have.

The answer is not an easy one to answer since some say adding anyone and everyone who will accept your request is the best practice.

Being on LinkedIn and having connections is not just about being popular, it is about how the connections can help build your brand, services, or niche.  

People in the know recommend sending requests to those you...

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