Do LinkedIn Profile Views Matter? 8 Ways To Increase Your Visibility

When it comes to social media and other platforms, views are a mixed bag. For some, like YouTube, views equal money. For others, views are simply a vanity metric. But for LinkedIn, views are a vital part of their landscape. Recently, Business Insider rated LinkedIn as one of the most trusted social networks. That means people are more likely to buy into you and what your profile says about you.  

What are Profile Views, and why views matter?

People are looking to connect with...

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10 LinkedIn Profile Tips To Stand Out From The Competition

linkedin linkedin profile Oct 29, 2020

An outstanding LinkedIn profile isn’t only for the new graduates. Everyone who desires to advance their career and expand their professional network should have one too. With over 600 million users from across the globe, a LinkedIn profile increases your chance to be seen by the recruiter/s in your dream company. You can also build your brand to help you sell more and earn more opportunities.

However, since LinkedIn already has millions of users, you need to make sure that your LinkedIn...

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These LinkedIn Best Practices Will Guarantee You Maximum Engagement

linkedin linkedin profile Oct 27, 2020

Being the largest social networking site for professionals, LinkedIn is a great platform to expand your personal network or grow your business profile. LinkedIn can be maximized to increase people’s awareness about your brand and actually encourage them to know more about your business.

Unfortunately, too many people miss out on this opportunity.

 If you are one of those, you have visited the right post because we will share some LinkedIn best practices to boost your engagement...

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A LinkedIn Recruiter Looks For These 6 Triggers

linkedin linkedin profile Oct 25, 2020

Many companies are flocking to Linkedin to find talent to take their business to the next level. Over 30,000 large companies worldwide use LinkedIn as a source of recruiting. Furthermore, Linkedin receives over 100 million applications per month through LinkedIn Jobs. With all that competition, recruiters head to LinkedIn profiles to get an idea of the type of candidates applying for the job. 


That profile could be the difference between getting an interview, or your application...

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How To Create A LinkedIn Profile That Wins - The Basics

linkedin profile Jan 29, 2020

Have you ever looked at your LinkedIn profile and wondered how to create a LinkedIn profile to get more leads?

Then, you look at your profile and you think something totally different.

Your brain says… "Wow, my LinkedIn profile looks really unprofessional. Actually, I think it kind of sucks." 

Well… Now there’s something you can do about your almost non-existent LinkedIn profile with no stress.

If you’re feeling insecure about your Linkedin profile,...

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