LinkedIn vs. Facebook For Lead Generation

linkedin linkedin facts Oct 21, 2020

When it comes to business growth, lead generation is critical. What is lead generation? Lead generation is all about your pipeline, having a steady flow of people ready to purchase your product or service. If that pipeline dries up, your business will soon follow. 


You can gather leads in several ways. However, lead generation has become more attainable in the last decade with social media platforms like Linkedin and Facebook. Both boast tens of millions of users, but which one...

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10 Interesting Facts About LinkedIn

linkedin facts Feb 05, 2020

10 Interesting Facts About LinkedIn

Networking can be depressing. When you're looking for a job, you want those resources at your fingertips, though many times they seem out of reach.

LinkedIn is a place that works to take out the hassle and produce results. Here's ten interesting facts about the professional networking website.

1. Grew From A Basic Job Site To A Global Phenomenon

The site was founded in 2003. It was then known as a place where you could simply place a resume online.


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