How You Should Bring Your Business Online Via LinkedIn

One of the best ways to bring your business online is with LinkedIn to help grow your brand and presence on Social Media and more.

LinkedIn is great for connecting with business leaders, decision-makers, and high-income folks all under one platform.

Here are some easy ways to utilize LinkedIn for your business whether you are just starting out or already have a LinkedIn account.

Networking Tool

LinkedIn as a networking tool can help you connect with people, build a strong profile.


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10 Ideas on How to Sell on LinkedIn

If you are on LinkedIn are you using it to its fullest? Are getting the business and the leads you need to be a success in this new year?

Here are some tips for social selling on LinkedIn that may help you send your business to greater heights.

Remember, social selling equals relationship building which is a key factor when you’re on the LinkedIn platform. Relationships are of course important and a big factor when it comes to B2B businesses.

Social selling simply means using social...

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How to Use LinkedIn to Build Your Executive Profile.

linkedin Dec 15, 2020

What is an Executive Profile?

We all know that your organization’s branding is important, but what about your branding? Personal branding has become an important piece to the career puzzle, especially for those in—or on the path to—senior leadership. Building your executive profile is a crucial part of developing trust and establishing credibility. This helps you impress investors and instill confidence in the organization. However, the majority of executives don’t...

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How To Conquer Your Fear Of Publishing On Linkedin

linkedin linkedin profile Dec 02, 2020

When it comes to social media, there are few other powerful platforms like Linkedin. Particularly if you own a business, you can find your ideal clients, earn more sales, and grow your business. With 30 million companies on Linkedin, you can connect directly with the best in the game with increased engagement. Furthermore, 4 of 5 company decision-makers are on Linkedin, which means a bigger bang for your buck.


Since Linkedin has become a hybrid social network, you need to create the...

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Linkedin Stories: How To Use LinkedIn's New Feature Professionally

linkedin linkedin facts Nov 29, 2020

Linkedin has slowly transformed itself from an online resume to a full-fledged social media platform. LinkedIn now has over 600 million users, with a 40% daily usage rate. It has also changed to a network where you can engage and build relationships and trust with your target audience. That means more chances for sales, job opportunities, and business growth.

Linkedin is always looking to expand the ways you can share with your network. It added LinkedIn Pulse, LinkedIn Video, and soon,...

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How to generate leads on LinkedIn

leads linkedin Nov 27, 2020

Generating leads on LinkedIn may sound a lot harder than it is. While it does take some time to get everything in order if you do it correctly these strategies below should help you generate more leads for your business.

Think of your LinkedIn profile as a digital business card and/or an online resume. It’s no secret it’s the first place many new businesses visit to research a new business contact or to hire someone. If you do it correctly, LinkedIn is a good way to generate...

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Grow Your Business With This Step by Step Strategy to Stay Ahead

linkedin Nov 14, 2020

LinkedIn for Growing Your Business

Have you just started a new business or thinking about one? If so on either account you should investigate LinkedIn and find out how to grow your business on LinkedIn.

By reading below you can learn some tips that have helped various companies grow their businesses with LinkedIn.

Why You Should Be on LinkedIn

Many experts believe LinkedIn is the globe’s most popular business social network. Did you know daily more than 600 million professionals use...

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Do LinkedIn Profile Views Matter? 8 Ways To Increase Your Visibility

When it comes to social media and other platforms, views are a mixed bag. For some, like YouTube, views equal money. For others, views are simply a vanity metric. But for LinkedIn, views are a vital part of their landscape. Recently, Business Insider rated LinkedIn as one of the most trusted social networks. That means people are more likely to buy into you and what your profile says about you.  

What are Profile Views, and why views matter?

People are looking to connect with...

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LinkedIn Messaging Templates To Build Rapport And Land Sales

linkedin Nov 10, 2020

So you’ve heard all the hype about LinkedIn, and you’ve decided to jump on the bandwagon. Welcome aboard! 

Linkedin is a great place to grow your brand, your network, and, ultimately, your business. 

That means you’ll need to connect with people and actually talk to them. 

Thousands of LinkedIn messages are sent every hour. So there are constant connections, enquires, deals, and job offers in motion. If your company needs a boost, you need more sales, or...

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Avoid These 5 LinkedIn Lead Generation Mistakes

What is Lead Generation?

“Sales cures all.” 

That’s a popular quote from billionaire and Shark Tank star Mark Cuban. The more sales you have, the more stable your business, consultancy, or program. You can invest, deal with cash flow issues, and hire more talent for growth. 

For sales to work, you need a steady stream of interested persons in your product or ready to buy. 

That’s where lead generation comes in. 

Lead generation is a holistic...

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