How to generate leads on LinkedIn

leads linkedin Nov 27, 2020

Generating leads on LinkedIn may sound a lot harder than it is. While it does take some time to get everything in order if you do it correctly these strategies below should help you generate more leads for your business.

Think of your LinkedIn profile as a digital business card and/or an online resume. It’s no secret it’s the first place many new businesses visit to research a new business contact or to hire someone. If you do it correctly, LinkedIn is a good way to generate...

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The Entrepreneur's Guide to Creating an Evergreen Lead Machine with Facebook

leads May 13, 2020

The Entrepreneur's Guide to Creating an Evergreen Lead Machine with Facebook


Here's the thing.


All social media platforms aren't created equally.


Facebook is the king of social media.


The stats are simply startling. 


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How I Generate Leads Daily On LinkedIn

leads linkedin May 11, 2020

How I Generate Leads Daily On LinkedIn.

If you want to generate a consistent stream of leads, then you need to be on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is home to more than  600 million professionals and 40million of these professionals are decision-makers. That’s 40million prospects that make buying decisions that you can reach directly in their mailbox.

It took me some time to figure out the massive importance of LinkedIn. I used to believe it was merely a platform to post resumes and get...

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