How to Keep Posts Professional on LinkedIn

You do not have to be a professional writer to create great content and engaging posts that stand out on most social network platforms.

However, if you have a LinkedIn page you want to make sure it is kept professional as opposed posting on Instagram or Facebook where you can be more sociable.

LinkedIn after all is a platform where professionals meet and network versus sharing photos of what they did over the weekend or where the shopped for the best blouse ever.

On LinkedIn, you...

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Topics You Should Avoid When Posting On LinkedIn

Politics, religion, personal photos, and opinions …

Whether you already have a LinkedIn account or you are thinking about setting one up, and decide to share any post, keep in mind there are some topics you should avoid like the plague.

Why? Because there are certainly some posts that could potentially tarnish your brand and overall reputation or standing on LinkedIn.

Not Always Easy

Of course, knowing what content and posts to avoid is not always easy especially in these times...

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