Podcast vs YouTube: Which One Should You Start in 2020?

how to podcast youtube Aug 12, 2020

Recently, podcasts and YouTube videos have been on the rise. More and more people realize their vast benefits - especially the passive income that you can earn. Are you are a content creator for your business or starting a personal brand? Are you wondering which is better - podcast vs. youtube? Then let me help you decide on this post. I’ll present to you the advantages and disadvantages I’ve experienced in each medium, so you can choose what’s right for you.


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Best iOS and Android podcast listening apps

best listening podcast popular Aug 08, 2020

Tired of the same old podcasts and need some new ones to listen to?

If you use an iPhone to get your podcast fix — be it daily, weekly, or monthly — there are some quite a few apps to check out that are popular according to

If you don't have an iPhone there are other options in 2020 for podcast apps — for iOS and Android, too.

Keep in mind many are iOS (iPhone and iPad) only, others are Android only, and some are for both. Many podcasts...

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Why are Podcasts Still Popular?

Podcasts remain one of the most popular ways to connect with other people perhaps because they are easy to listen to and many offer interesting shows.

If you don’t think so check out some of these statistics for podcasting in 2020:

  • More than 55% of the US population has tuned in to a podcast.
  • Podcast listeners have grown 37.5% in 3 short years.
  • In 2017, 40% of Americans 12 or older had turned into a podcast, compared to 55% in 2020.
  • Around 75% of Americans are familiar with...
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how-to podcast Aug 03, 2020

Starting a podcast is not for the faint of heart. There are several moving parts involved, from securing guests, recording, editing, uploading, and transcribing. 

I’ll admit, even after all these years of podcasting, it can be overwhelming. 

So when a platform like seeks to remove all those barriers to entry, you can’t help but take notice.

Now there is no excuse not to start a podcast!

Anchor prides itself on being a free all-in-one podcast service and has...

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Best Podcast Editing Software For A Professional Show In 2020

how-to podcast Jul 31, 2020


Let’s be clear.


You don’t need podcast editing software to launch a podcast.


With an iPhone, headset, and an app like Podbean or Anchor, you can get your podcast online. But for a truly professional podcast, editing is a critical step.


Editing takes a bit of skill.


Podcast editors must learn how to cut, add music, balance, remove background noise, and so on.


But once you get the hang of it, you have a polished product that's music to...

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Podbean Review: Here’s Everything You Need To Know

podcast Jul 30, 2020

 Have you been thinking about starting your podcast? I don’t blame you. Podcasting is gaining popularity with over 30 million episodes online today. To run a successful podcast, there are a few parts that need to be in place. 

Podcast hosting is a crucial step to make sure that your listeners can access your content. Podbean is one of many available hosts.  

This Podbean review will tell you everything you need to know before signing up.  

What Is Podcast...

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Podcast vs Blog: Which One Should You Choose?

podcasts Jul 29, 2020

Podcast vs. blog is a common question that comes up in content creation, so let’s explore them both. In the mid-90s, the first “weblog” was created. Since then, millions of people around the world have started blogs on subjects like fishing, home decor, firearms, and electronics. Some bloggers have gone on to have lucrative writing careers like Mark Manson and James Clear. As of 2020, there are 600 million blogs with 31 million bloggers in America alone.

In 2004, podcasts...

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Tips for Building Successful Future Podcasts

Now that you have launched your first few podcasts or are about to, the next question is can you make it a success?

With diligence, professionalism, and attention to detail, you can. 

For example, instead of simply being on the air, these suggestions below could help you stay on the air and exist for a long time.

More than Launching

Once you've recorded the audio and uploaded it to your media host, there’s more to it than just getting your message out.

While many podcasters...

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FAQs & Resources to Help Businesses Survive The Pandemic

pandemic Jul 28, 2020

We’re halfway through the year, but the COVID-19 crisis is still very real and a very real threat to small businesses. With restrictions tightening again, many small businesses may be forced to shutter their doors or at least shift their operations to adhere to state rules. This means added stress for business owners that are already under an immense amount of pressure. If you’re a business owner looking to relieve that stress, these FAQs and resources may help.


How Can I...

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Podcast Transcripts: Why And How You Should Do It

podcast Jul 27, 2020

Podcasts continue to grow in popularity around the world. While there are over 500 million blogs, there are only 30 million active podcast episodes. The market continues to grow in listenership, so if you’ve been thinking about podcasting, now is the time. If you have been creating podcasts for a while, you should consider adding podcast transcripts to your arsenal. Transcripts may seem like a lot of work, but the benefits far outweigh the effort.

What are podcast transcripts?

In a...

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