Should You Have A Private Podcast? (And 4 Platforms To Make It Happen)

podcast Sep 10, 2020

Podcasting continues to grow as more and more companies and individuals create shows almost daily. That’s expected since millions of Americans tune in to podcasts. Most podcast listeners are also high earners. So it makes sense to get your message in front of the audio audience from a revenue standpoint. Most podcasts are open to the public on repositories like iTunes, Spotify, and Soundcloud. Recently, member-only, private podcasts have been holding its own. So should you do a private...

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What equipment do I need to start a podcast? Both In Person and Zoom!

podcast setup Sep 07, 2020

For this blog, I will be covering what you need to start a podcast for both an in-person podcast with multiple guests and what you need for a zoom podcast. Along with that, I will give you several options for setups that you can purchase to remove any guesswork.


Before we talk about equipment, if you have found this blog, you are about to start a podcast or debating on creating a podcast. Here are a couple of quick pros and cons I have seen. With a zoom podcast, you're at the mercy of...

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Ways to Find Guests for Your Podcast

Comedy? Drama? Business? Sports? 

If you host a podcast, you will undoubtedly want to give your listening audience engaging and interesting content they can enjoy. Why else would they want to tune in right?

And by having regular guests on your podcast this will provide said content, but how do you find such guests?

It can be a challenge to locate good guests to be on your podcast but it can be done with some helpful tips and suggestions.

Begin with friends, colleagues, and acquaintances

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How To Attract High-Quality Podcast Guests

how to podcast Sep 03, 2020

If you have recently started your podcast, you might be thinking of ways to expand your audience and widen your reach.


Well, you’ve opened the right article.


Because having podcast guests is one of the keys to increase the number of your listeners.


Of course, not any podcast guest will do. At least not all the time.


Aim to attract high-quality podcast guests to engage with, build relationships, and expand your reach.


Who knows? You may even score...

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Hosting Your Podcast With Buzzsprout: Is It Worth It?

podcast Sep 02, 2020

I’ve been covering podcasts extensively because there’s immense value in starting and growing your show. 

Unlike content platforms like blogging, the podcast market is not yet saturated.

According to Edison Research, about 70% of Americans are aware of podcasts, but only 32% actively listen to them. That means there’s room for growth. You can position yourself or your business as an expert in your field, earn more revenue and establish your brand.


To start, you...

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What is a realistic goal for website traffic increasing month to month?


When you first build a website for your company, it can be confusing to know what to expect. Should you invest in ads? Add SEO? Do you know your demographic? There’s a lot to consider when you first get started. But most importantly, how much traffic should you expect?


What is Average Web Traffic?

The Average Traffic to your website should be about 10-20% of your client numbers. For example, if you typically serve 1000 people per month you should see about 100-200 views on...

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Ways to Budget for a Podcast

You budget your home's expenses as well as office, but what about your podcast? 

It is well-known that a regular podcast program can help you get your ideas and thoughts out to an audience within your niche or to whatever you are trying to say.

Whether you already have a growing and successful podcast or are just thinking about launching one, you should consider creating a budget.

The Popularity of Podcasts 

Podcasts online are not new and have been growing since they first became...

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Do You Need a Website for Your Podcast?

By now if you already have a podcast you know podcasting is a lot more than pulling up a chair and speaking into a microphone.

As your podcast grows you might be wondering if creating and maintaining a website is important to podcasting. Perhaps you think because it's audio it's good enough and you don’t need a website.


Archiving Old Episodes

Since you have been creating content from your first podcast to the current, it’s likely the audience has grown and changed as well.

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Libsyn Podcast Review: Should You Host Your Podcast Here?

how to podcast Aug 26, 2020


Are you ready to start your podcast? You have your mic ready, your content prepped and your episodes recorded. What next? You need to upload your podcast so that it can reach a portion of the millions of growing podcast listeners. To upload your podcast, you need a podcast host. Libsyn is one of the more popular podcast hosting services around. This Libsyn podcast review should help you understand the pros and cons of choosing Libsyn.

Why do you need podcast hosting?

Each podcast...

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How to Connect with New Clients During the Pandemic

Uncategorized Aug 25, 2020


The coronavirus pandemic has presented several new challenges for freelancers and service-based business owners. Navigating issues like social distancing complications and client financial concerns is bound to throw a wrench in how you do business, but also how you land clients.


When everyone is feeling uncertain and vulnerable, it’s important to find new ways to connect with clients and establish strong business relationships. Try implementing some of these strategies to...

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