Why Your Customer Reviews Are Not Showing Up

Customer reviews are important and act as recommendations to businesses and their products. When we want to purchase a product or work with a business, we have to check customer reviews first to make sure that it will benefit us and give us the results we want. We are going to talk about three platforms and why your reviews don't show up there. These platforms are Google, Facebook and Yelp.


If you need to keep an extraordinary online standing for your business, you need to have very good Google reviews. Since Google is the greatest souces of online reviews, many individuals depend on it to get key data about products and businesses before they part with their well-deserved money.

So the more Google reviews you have, the better you’ll be able to persuade customers to go with your business over other businesses in your niche.

GMB Listing Issues

Most times, if a review isn’t showing, this directly results from an issue with the GMB listing. It is usually solved shortly, but sometimes, it gets out of hand and can take a longer time to be solved.

Google Disabled The Review

Google disabled some business reviews in the initial few months of the COVID-19 pandemic because of lack of staf, aand Google believed it best to disable reviews for a brief timeframe.

Due to that, customers couldn’t write reviews, and businesses couldn’t react to them,but existing reviews would appear around that time.

Reviews were brought back in May 2020, but it’s conceivable that you still have issues overseeing or reacting to them, in which case you should reach out through the GMB support page.

Although the pandemic has hit many individuals hard, it is good to request reviews on Google. That way, you can guarantee that your business endures through these difficult times and holds onto its most steadfast clients.

The Listing is a Duplicate

If there are more than one business reviews, you may have issues with reviews removed without any explanation. This is because the review may spring up on another listing for your business.

The Listing is Inaccurate

If the GMB listing is inaccurate, it might not sit well with the customer. This will prompt fewer reviews.

Google is Down

Occasionally, Google has a blackout. Indeed, it might appear to be unlikely given how huge the organization is, however, it is conceivable. If this occurs, Google reviews will vanish, starting with the latest ones.

Review Formatting Issues

If you’ve prevented all the potential GMB issues that could cause a review not to show, it may be the formatting of the review that is the issue.

if so, there isn’t much you can do your to tackle it. Nothing remains at this point, but to let clients know how they can leave a reviews the right way.

Review is Marked as Spam

Nobody likes spam. Regardless of whether it’s an email you don’t need or a bad review, spam is not something to take lightly. Google takes spam seriously by eliminating any reviews which neglect to line up with Google’s review strategy.

Review Has Links and URLs

Google is also takes posting links and URLs in reviews seriously, and it will eliminate them immediately. However, if the customer is fast, they can edit the review and remove the links and URLs before Google brings it down.

The Review isn’t Authentic

If a review appears to be fake or makes fake claims, Google will step in. If it doesn’t follow to the company’s rules, it turns into an issue. That implies that attempting to purchase reviews for your business is a bad idea as it can prompt genuine repercussions, including the evacuation of your GMB listing.


Facebook reviews don't show up because Facebook delays them for a few hours to a day. Currently, Facebook updated their platform and Facebook Reviews have been changed to Facebook Recommendations.

Facebook confirms that they have rolled out this improvement so customers can share more extravagant reviews about your business. This would assist you with being noticeable in your neighborhood local area and draw in more clients. Here is how Facebook Recommendations work.

Already, Facebook Recommendations work like most review platforms. The buyer rates the business between 1 to 5 stars to communicate how they feel about a business depending on past their connection.

Under the new framework, Recommendations have supplanted reviews. Presently, rather than leaving a rating, when a client needs to review a business on Facebook, they can decide to “recommended” or “not recommended” a business page.

What is The Importance Here for Facebook Customers?

Facebook will conitinue to screen your reviews alongside reviews from other review platforms. Rather than ‘reviews’ they will appear as ‘recommendations'. Facebook recommendations will appear without star evaluations. Rather than star evaluations, you will see ‘Recommended’ and ‘Not recomended’ for a positive and negative experience separately. You can likewise react to Facebook recommendations from inside the dashboard consistently.

In the first place, ensure your Facebook business page is set up well. Guarantee that Facebook is important for your online standing technique. Ask your customers for reviews or recommendations toward the finish of a satisfying transaction and see your online standing develop. Always remember to react to reviews and recommendations from your customers.


Yelp is a platform that specializes in reviews and if your review doesn't show on the platform then it is because of their algorithm and structure.

There are hundreds if not more individuals on the internet talking about their Yelp reviews not showing up. Many individuals accept and state as a reality that their reviews won’t show up except if they pay Yelp a month-to-month charge. Individuals have recorded legal claims against Yelp guaranteeing blackmail.

While this has all the earmarks of being the least difficult answer, I think that it’s difficult to accept that a traded on a well-known company would deliberately coerce businesses. All things considered, there are over 18 million organizations in the United States.

In the begining of 2015, Yelp declared that the FTC has made their examination concerning Yelp and after taking a look at Yelp’s review programming (algorithm) and inferred that Yelp isn’t coercing entrepreneurs.

But then why are Yelp reviews not showing?

Amount of Reviews Customers Have Left

Yelp reviews don't show because Yelp separates client reviews depending on the number of reviews customers have left. A customer’s first review is very unlikely to show. A customer’s second review has about a 20% possibility of showing, third review has 25% and so forth.

This information is used related to sifted star ratings, for instance, 4 star ratings are bound to be distributed than 5 star ratings. Yelp reviews can likewise go back and forth or fall into the “Recommended” or “Not recommended” classification.

The Author Deleted The Review

Many people will think about where their Yelp review went when they post it, but it doesn't show, and the answer sometimes is not very hard. The author deleted it. Customers may delete their reviews after posting them because they have changed their minds.

If the author erased the review, you won’t get it back, whether it was positive or negative. The only way you can have it shown again on your Yelp page is if the author writes the same review.

Yelp Removed it Because it Violated Content Guidelines

Yelp’s rules include:

  • There should be no abusive or rude statements in any review.

  • There should be no irreconcilable situations in a review. So if a customer posts a review on an overall business site, for instance, it should be contrary to Yelp’s content rules.

  • There should not be limited-time content found in a Yelp review.

  • Review content should be pertinent to the business.

  • Review content shouldn’t abuse someone else’s protection. For instance, a review shouldn’t contain a photograph of different customers without their authorization.

  • The review should be unique.

So what sort of reviews does Yelp acknowledge? Yelp stated that the best reviews are enthusiastic and individual. They added that they offer a rich account, an abundance of detail, and an accommodating tip or two for different customers.

The Algorithm

Yelp checks customer journeys using its algorithm, it follows where you go on the platform, if you browsed a business, interacted with them, posted their pictures or visited them.

If you they don't see you do any of the above and you write a review about the business, Yelp will remove it because there is no actual proof that you even know the business.

Doing this helps remove fake reviews, and it also means that you can't just write a review about a business without checking the business out or interacting with it. If you tell your customers to leave a review for you on Yelp, tell them how it works so that their reviews will show up.