Are You in Sales and Have You Thought About How to Leverage LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is the ultimate platform for professionals to market their business and network with like-minded professionals.

Devoid of the unnecessary fluff contained in social media sites, it is strictly professional and is designed to connect ascending business leaders who are seeking to propel their respective ventures to the next level.

There is no better place for a salesperson to thrive than in this environment.

Not only are they exposed to a plethora of potential leads, customers, and referral sources, but the training and techniques available to subscribers are second to none.

This professional platform enables colleagues and customers to become familiar with you and your brand at a level previously unknown to the business market.

While accessing your profile, profile picture, individual profile, background, and headlines, customers and colleagues begin to learn about you before your first interaction.

This is crucial because sales are not necessarily about the product but about the seller.

Customers who feel they already know you and have an idea about your background are more likely to trust you and buy from you than those who don't know too much about you.

Below are some critical factors to take into consideration for a salesperson who is considering joining this professional platform or those that are already on it and are looking to take their business and their brand to the next level.

Brand Enhancement

Your brand is everything, and there is no better place to display your logo and your values and mission statement than on Linkedin since it provides a forum for your logo to be prominently displayed along with your core beliefs and identities that your business holds true.

This enables customers to identify with you, to follow your business and your brand over time, and watch you evolve.

This platform keeps you in front of customers on a regular basis since following your page provides access to updates and notifications.

When it comes time to buy, it is more likely than not that your followers will select your brand since they already identify with it.

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In so doing, you will build your brand in front of your customers and develop your background image, headline, and profile picture to attract maximum attention.

Attracting attention is only one step in the process; however - maintaining that attention is vital.

Therefore, by downloading the Freemium NO BS LinkedIn Checklist, you will not only attract the attention you deserve but will maintain it over a sustained period of time.

Familiarity With Colleagues

Professional colleagues will also take notice of your brand and become aware of you how long you are in business, how far you intend to go, and if you share the same core values established followed by their company.

Referrals from fellow professional colleagues are among the most common successful leads, and winning the mutual respect of these colleagues is an integral part of being successful in the industry.

Keeping your brand, your profile, and mission statement in front of professional colleagues will not only cause them to refer business to you, but it may provide you with the opportunity to refer business to them.

This synergy between like-minded professionals is where the rubber meets the road for a salesperson.

Once an active and productive referral relationship develops between business professionals, it is likely to take off as long as the relationship is transparent, consistent, and remains fresh over time.

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It will keep your profile at the highest possible professional level and will appeal to those in your industry who are looking for those that are ascending to the top of the profession.

You will be recognized as a "go-to" business, and referrals will flow your way.

As long as you take care of those referrals and provide the highest level of service possible, the referrals will continue not only from that referral source but from their referral sources as well.


Such a professional platform provides the opportunity to network both online and in-person with local professionals.

Putting a face to the name in person is critical in many business circles.

As such, LinkedIn offers the opportunity for Web-based meetings and communications between professionals who may not be in the same geographical region in addition to notifications about meet-ups and gatherings that are local.

Every salesperson that is a member will receive these notifications, and those that are the most motivated to produce will take advantage of every opportunity they can to network both online and in-person with those in their industry.

By downloading the Freemium NO BS LinkedIn Checklist from the website, your LinkedIn profile will stand out, and you will be sought after by those in your industry seeking to include you in both their online and in-person networking events.

When your company holds its own mixers with other businesses, your profile will proudly display a professional invitation to other businesses that will come across as high-end and crisp.

Your gatherings will be well-attended and will result in positive feedback, causing word-of-mouth to spread. In almost every business, word-of-mouth is how the business grows, and membership will enable you to meet with those in your industry that will provide you with the best source for leads and new customers.


Some of the top sales technique training in the industry are offered to members. Below are just a few of the key areas that are focused on in their web-based sales training that you will have access to as a member:

  • Sales prospecting
  • Building an effective business brand
  • Building an effective personal brand to supplement your business brand
  • Creating a pleasant buying experience
  • Smarter prospecting, not harder prospecting
  • Always be connected
  • Leading with insights and trailing those who do
  • Out-of-the-box sales prospecting techniques
  • Prospecting workouts
  • Six sales skills to make you stand out in 2020
  • Oral communication workshops
  • People management workshops
  • Social media workshops
  • Business management workshops
  • Time management workshops
  • Leadership workshops
  • How to become a top sales leader and retain the top sales reps

This platform is the place to be for professional salespeople at every stage of their careers.

Take advantage of this opportunity by downloading the Freemium NO BS LinkedIn Checklist and ensure that the following brand-enhancing steps are taken in furtherance of the growth of your business:

  • Profile picture update
  • Background image selected that speaks to your target market
  • Creative headlines that attract and maintain the attention you deserve

You cannot ask for a better opportunity than this checklist provides. It will enable you to enhance and grow your brand in front of clients and colleagues alike.

Such refined exposure is what every professional strives for, and it is a game-changer for those that take advantage of this fantastic opportunity.

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