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Bill Gates has once rightly said – "if the business isn't on the internet, then the business will be out of business." In the digital world, podcasting has become a sensation. In an online ecosystem, the demand for podcasts is skyrocketing with every passing day. Podcasting is a prominent choice for online businesses. So why is this fever catching up with the businesses? Fret not, for we are here to tell you why and make you understand how podcasting aids businesses in generating revenue and closing leads!


Nevertheless, it is not an easy craft to master. You cannot excel and become Joe Rogan in one day. Don't be disheartened!! Study the whys and hows behind a podcast, and soon, you will be ready to start a full-fledged project. So let's begin!


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Pursuing A Hobby


Everyone has a dream. Imagine if you had the voice to win millions and wanted your content to be heard by the multitudes online. However, getting it is fierce! You will need a lot of connections and, most importantly, good fortune. Puzzled? Don't be because, thanks to the internet, one can connect with millions of people instantaneously. Podcasting relies on this concept and makes your voice and story heard! Quite like blogging, where anyone can write and put content online, podcasting permits anyone to become a radio jockey virtually. It encourages you to set a business goal that makes getting up on Mondays a delight!. Dream big, set your target to take action!


A goal without a plan is just a wish.


Businesses revolve around numbers. Net profit, net loss, number of customers, sale, discount are the commonly used terms in business. Similarly, in podcasts, the number of subscribers, unique downloads, your listeners form vital performance indicators. This reach can be utilized in any business in propagating a product or a service. This unique tally of variables can be majorly optimized to warrant a clear objective in business. With better reach, targets become manageable, and it negates out the barrier of distance! You can monitor the progress. In short, it sets you up for victory!


Not many resources required to begin


Business starts with a small staff and minor investment. At the onset, neither does one have a staff for help nor the money to invest!. Big problem!! Here comes podcast as a savior. What better way can you think of outreaching than by a mere recording on a smartphone or a tablet leveraging the unique traits of your product in your first few episodes? Podcast content is catchy, informal, and conversational. A podcaster needn't necessarily write the entire content. He just needs an excellent outline of the topic before you start podcasting as the rest goes with the flow, for most podcasts are unscripted.


Substitute for Video.


Marketing of businesses via video is critical for businesses these days. Not only do you need to be proficient in shooting videos, but they also require expensive gear! Small scale businesses can't afford to invest in such pricey kits. However, podcasting does away with the dilemma as you only need a microphone and headphone. Affordable and easy to set up! Their royalty-free editing software is user friendly, and you just need to upload for the eyes to see!


Social networking is the antidote for a successful business.


Podcasting is a powerful tool to deliver your thoughts to the audience. It helps augment the relationship with one's subscribers. In businesses, it is fostering relationships that make the financial counters jingle!. A famous podcasting consultant Yann Ilunga harbors a different view. He believes networking is the principal element of success in any endeavor. Meeting people is not only about collecting contacts. It is all about planting the seeds of relations. Relationships with subscribers built strategically can prove fruitful to your business. Imagine if you have an active subscriber who is the CEO of the firm. Now, how you take it from here on can open many doors!. Anything is possible. If the idea behind the podcast is compelling or trending in online platforms, big sharks might think of investing in your business.


Spreading awareness, promotion of business on the online social platform


There are ample social networking apps and websites. For example -- people set low scale business over Whatsapp with no staff. But marketing on Whatsapp is limited to the group only. Now let's talk about podcasts, shall we? Power of speech is influential and can leave an impact on the target market diaspora. A podcast is all about audio files available on the internet accessible to every individual. It is the new fad that helps proliferate business growth. The medium can be anything, be it Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, etc. All these sites are built with different business agenda in mind! Followers will also vary from one website to another. Stay positive, and share the story that is genuine, authentic, and meaningful. Multiple blogging sites can link your podcast as a reference! This can be a great driver of traffic for your podcast! Podcasts are generally linked to online forums like Quora, where people share knowledge and insights. In short, podcasting has turned out to be a blessing when it comes to promoting businesses



Shooting up of sales


For any business to succeed, funds are needed. However, one needs to believe in the product enough to sell; otherwise, it won't garner the attention of any decent investor! What better way to carry on free research campaigns than by podcasting? Just the icing on the cake the businesses need. You have the customer's ear hooked to your story and product, and on top of that, you reach out practically free. Companies utilize this by offering fancy discounts communicated via a story!. Additional offers help grow a business, but the customer is king! They will only be interested if it tickles their buying palate! It sets the way for businesses to connect virtually, keeping the soul intact by the story spoken!. Every subscriber builds trust in what you speak. Marketing skills are critical to promoting a business on a podcast. This is precisely why businesses leverage this facet and use it tactically to reach the audience and make a convert.


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Podcast – another source of income


Do you know every single podcast downloaded can have monetary benefits for the maker? Your podcast can generate thousands of dollars. According to the CPM (cost per impression) model, the best podcast earns $54 for a 15–second pre-roll for every 3,000 downloads per episode. Shell shocked?? Yes, it is possible. The content of such podcasts is usually so magnetic that it keeps the listeners hooked.

To sum up better the content, better the engagement of the listeners'. The more you sync to the listeners' frequency, the better the message resonates and lasts. Ultimately this leads to faster unique downloads, higher subscription numbers, and more sales—Maths 101! The effect of each parameter is directly proportional to the profits in any venture.



Spread roots of businesses to a different niche


A popular podcast can be converted into books and audiobooks, which can contribute to a business's funds! Exponential information bloom in the time of digitalization is a hard concept to master and understand. Every facet of information can be repurposed to create other details. I hope you are getting a hint. Yes, you got it correctly. There is a wonderful opportunity to write a book.

Believe me, this is nothing new. Famous podcaster Jon Nastor, hosting Hack the Entrepreneur repurposed his podcasting content and wrote a book that people bought like crazy!

Every podcast has some takeaways. Anyone can use these takeaways and transform data into a book. It is yet another innovative approach to keep the balls rolling in business. You are rooting and spreading the branches creating a symbiotic network that catches the eye and reaps in dividends!


Introduction of Alexa skill into the podcast


Smart speakers are a boon for podcasting. As per the Podcast Insights, podcast listeners mostly carry smart speakers like Google Home or Alexa. Many have utilized Alexa by integrating its features into their podcast. Be the one to incorporate these AI featured tools and improve your brand to the maximum!. Often business people aren't tech-savvy. If you fall under the same umbrella, you should definitely integrate such smart-skilled features into your podcast. It will surely add the necessary x-factor to your business.


So get ready to dive and swim in a podcast stream. Upscale your business and become a budding podcaster. Getting new podcast listeners can always skyrocket your business growth.

The fastest-growing podcasts have garnered global attention and generated millions in ad revenue and leads!


So stop thinking and start. If you are a veteran podcaster and have considerable experience up your belt, stay focused, and carry on this remarkable journey! Augment SEO to enhance your podcast pages and websites to improve organic traffic. Any podcast that has a good ending is right, even if something went wrong along the way. After all, All's well that ends well.


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