What is LinkedIn?

Uncategorized Jan 18, 2020

Alright, so right off the bat, what is LinkedIn? LinkedIn is a business professional website. So it's kind of like Facebook, but for business professionals. I hate to correlate the two between each other, but it's the truth. LinkedIn is just a higher version of Facebook that people could use in the business world without all the funny videos and favorite food pictures. First, LinkedIn is a business professional platform. Second, it is a phenomenal place for you to share your work Right. Everybody builds jobs and resumes and this is a great spot to showcase what you do and how you do it, not only for your current position but for future positions. And on top of that, if you're looking to do sales or anything similar, then other people can see your credentials and what you're doing on this platform. Third, it is a place for companies to show off what they're doing right. Companies will have a website easily located with google. But also, for companies with a lot of employees, or that are releasing content regularly. LinkedIn becomes a great place for companies to build a page where they can have public information that may be less appropriate for their main website. It's a great place for businesses to post what they have going on and for other people to see it, not just employees, but potential buyers or anybody interested in the company. Fourthly, is LinkedIn can expand your network. There are only so many people that you can talk to regularly, but only through the power of social media, meaning people and things like that. You now can go out and connect with even more people, especially on this platform. While you're on this platform, there are many different ways to build long-lasting relationships with people. So don't think at any point, you need to go on there and just say, you know what, let me spend my few minutes there. If you want to make something out of it, you absolutely can. There are tons of people there, killing it in whatever field they're in. It doesn't have to be sales, it could be their careers, it could be promotions or anything like that. This is the place to do it. Fifthly, LinkedIn is a phenomenal place to show off what you've been doing. If you've completed a major project, you've gotten some new credentials or things along that line. Take time out to put it on LinkedIn. You might be thinking, Harrison, why on earth would I do that? It's a great place to show off what you've been doing, right? Everybody sees what you do on your day to day business stuff, but not everybody gets to see what you do behind the scenes. For example, I'm a fireman on my LinkedIn profile. I have the section on there that says I'm a fireman, what I've done and everything like that. Go on and add those things, it will help build bonds between other people. Another great example, I'm also a fraternity member of the Kappa Sigma fraternity. Turns out one of the guys that I connected with on LinkedIn happens to be in the same fraternity as me. Because of that we immediately had a bond, we immediately clicked and there was a mutual level of trust since we had already done something similar. He went to a different school, I went to a different school. But for the most part, we still had that core bond between the two of us, I still have a great relationship with this person today and I talk to them regularly. This could easily apply to you as well, so why not take the opportunity. Sixthly and probably one of my favorites is you can get a job on LinkedIn. If your goal is to further your career, it would be silly for you not to have a LinkedIn profile. Because it allows you to post not only your credentials but everything that you've done as far as schooling, work, credentials, and accolades you've received. Also, it gives you one step up because you can have companies reach out to you and say, "Hey, we like everything you're doing. We'd love to hire you." And you can get job offers consistently from other companies through that. On the flip side of things, companies also could post job offers and you can go apply with your LinkedIn profile displaying everything you've done. LinkedIn isn't a resume place, but it can be for the right person. Seventhly, you could link up with your peers if you're in a certain industry, you're in a certain niche or whatever it might be. There are groups and peers of your on this platform all over the place. So don't think you're out there on your own. I promise you there are thousands of groups on LinkedIn, everything ranging between two to five people and up to 30,000 plus members. That's a tremendous value. If you're in sales, it's a great spot to go connect with peers. If you're in marketing, it's another great spot to go connect with peers. If you're in CEO positions, that's another great place to connect with peers. There are all these different groups that people put on there because they understand that it is a business platform. This allows you to connect with your peers both on and off the platform, you make the initial connection on there. You could take it offline and ultimately grow and develop relationships with these people. It's tremendously powerful if you think about it, and I want you to have that success as well. Lastly, it is a phenomenal place to go on for information about a business. It doesn't need to be about your business, but it can be about anything. There's tons of business news, there are tons of companies publishing articles on there, consistently, for you to show up and say, Hey, what do I like? What do I not like? LinkedIn even goes as far as asking you what your interests are. So I could recommend content for you based on what you might find interesting. Now, you might think that's kind of silly. Why would they do that? I can't tell you how many articles I've read, how many I've engaged with regularly and met peers on there. Take the time out, you might find something that you love. Also if you're interested in going into another career or another field, this is a great spot to go on there and say hey, what are other people doing in my position or what's going on to this other industry? It's something I want to get involved in. It's a great way to learn and is helpful to have an abundance of useful information all located on one easily accessed platform.


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