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What is a Digital Sales Funnel?

e commerce online courses online products online sales online services roi sales sales funnel Jun 24, 2020


A Digital Sales Funnel is set up on your eCommerce or social media site to lead customers to big ticket items. This system is set up to entice clients to go from visitors to buyers in a shorter time frame. This business strategy is build for companies that exist mostly online offering virtual products or services. According to forbes- “Having a strong digital sales funnel can be the difference between having a small business and having a multi-million-dollar company.”  Which do you want to be?

The Steps to set up a digital sales funnel are easy to take and even easier to manage. You just need to get the motor running and then you should start to see results.

1-Get Their Email Address.

Getting your clients on your mailing list is the quickest way to keep your company at their fingertips. How do you get their email? Offer something for free. Draw your buyer in by giving them a taste of the bigger picture. For example- if your “Big ticket Item” is an Online Yoga Training program, start by offering one sample flow layout. This step is the most important for lead generation and tracking. Once you have their email you can continue to send them marketing information on new programs, sales and promotions. And you can check their read rate with simple email tracking software like constant contact. This step builds a long standing client to business relationship & can not only assure you the first sale, but many more. 

2- Build a landing page that offers them an additional product at low cost.

Once you’ve got their email and their interest, it’s all uphill from here. After the "free sample" give away, entice them to want a little appetizer and the first course if you will. First, send them to a page offering them a “Crash course” or a little more of what the free sample offered for a low-cost investment.  Have this option ready immediately following the free item and ready to load at the end of your sample video or webpage.  Timing is everything. Your goal is for them not to leave the site without this purchase but if they do, that’s okay! You have their email! You can continue to follow up with small advertisements and  sales.

Pro tip: Know your clientele-

It’s important to know this strategy is going to be worth your time and investment. Focus on making sure you know your niche and demographic. Don’t try to sell to a wide range audience. Know your market and only use their information in your search terms. Never waste ad money on people outside of your already successful demographic. If you want to branch out, that’s great…try a blog or freemium on social media to test the waters of a new product or demo. Don’t waste your ad budget or big ticket sales. Don't know your demographic? Check your Facebook insights or your google analytics. For more info! 

3-  The Big Ticket

Once they’ve made it through step one and two, you’re ready to pitch them the “big ticket” your full online product or course. Build a third follow up page thanking the customer for their interest and offering them a “Discount” on the full program after their sample course/product.  At this point, if they’re still engaged site side they should carry through with the purchase. If they abandon the site, that’s okay. You still have their email and you can contact them later about future courses and promotions. Stay active with them. Keep sending emails, send blog and event updates do not lose engagement.


So now what?

After you’ve built and run your sales funnel for about 30 days, go over your tracking and conversions.

  • Track your traffic- Where did you lose your customer? Page 1, 2 or 3? Check the carry rate and see if you need to make changes. Send surveys- ask the customers why they didn’t complete the purchase.
  • Measure your leads vs sales- How many emails did the freemium get you? How many customers returned to the site? How many eventually followed through and purchased?
  • Track your spending- how much of your marketing budget went towards the sales funnel on your site and what the ROI was. Did you do better from ads or from email marketing? Adjust accordingly.

So a sales funnel is a huge investment of time and money. But it can be a worthwhile investment if done right.  Before you jump into yours, make sure you lay out a plan. Test and retest, analysis and reset until your sales show the success. Then like every good machine, just let it keep running. You can reinvent the set funnel to roll out future programs and courses once you finally find your groove.  Navigate accordingly and you’ll see your revenue spike in no time. Need help? Give us a call...we can help!