Ways to to Make Yourself a Better Salesperson + Make More Money Now

So, you want to be a salesperson and join the ranks, what a great choice.

The age-old profession goes back centuries and has certainly evolved from pushcarts and bartering to selling on social media platforms.

While the methods of selling may have changed there are still some basics that all salespeople should try to follow to be successful.

If you can follow some or all these suggestions, they may help you become a top-selling salesperson on your own or with a team.

Use Your Skills

Once a great salesperson finds a strategy or technique that works, they utilize it ⁠— over and over until it stops working.

This is a smart strategy because sales reps are usually working around the clock, which means the more time they spend doing researching the less time they have for actual selling. Also, there is a chance or cost of this meaning if after trying one method and it does not work you have missed the opportunity to use something that does.

Are You Active Listening?

Successful salespeople are always present and active listening when they communicate with prospects. They are not thinking about another deal, reading through Twitter tweets, or sending emails to their team members. They are engaged ⁠— and as a result, their communications with prospective clients are more meaningful.

While active listening can be hard to develop it is important. It helps build relationships that could last months and even years if the client feels you truly are active listening.

Work, Work, Work

If you hit your numbers as a salesperson, keep going. Do not stop at 4:55 p.m. but keep writing and sending emails, schedule meetings, and make calls, and refine those social media platforms.


Most salespeople forget to follow-up after sending a proposal but do not since you have no clue if the prospect has seen your correspondence whether via email, regular mail, or a call.

HubSpot Sales helps with this issue, letting salespeople know when and how often a prospect sees communications. With this info, they can follow up at the optimal time.

Make All Messages Personal

Rather than following a pre-written script and approaching every prospect with a “one-size-fits-everyone,” communication, top salespeople create communications for prospects that are tailored for each prospect. A good sales rep knows the unique bad points a prospect is experiencing and can detail why their product is a better solution.

Study Your Peers

If you want to improve your strategy go ahead and seek out those salespeople or salesperson who is best in your circle and ask if you can observe some of their calls or view their social media platforms. Learning from peers is an excellent way to get better at your job while building stronger, longer relationships with your coworkers.

Develop Your People Skills

Creating small talk takes practice ⁠— and is simple yet crucial to salesperson's success. Whether you are at a small cocktail party or a large local networking event, practice making others feel at ease. Keep track of what makes them listen intently, want to get away fast, laugh, and then gather all that you have learned and store it away for future communications with prospective clients.

Yes, Be a True Team Player

Just because you are in sales does not mean you need to go it alone. The most successful salespeople know it takes more than one to build a sales career as well as a sales team if you are part of one. Help colleagues, and do not fane help – both are elements to a long, fulfilling sales career.

In the end, these tips, suggestions, and ideas are meant to help you become an even better salesperson whether it is through social selling or calling ⁠— starting now and into the future.