The Best Ways to Find Guests for Your Podcast and Keep Getting More

Comedy? Drama? Business? Sports?

If you host a podcast, you will undoubtedly want to give your listening audience engaging and interesting content they can enjoy. Why else would they want to tune in right?

And by having regular guests on your podcast this will provide said content, but how do you find such guests?

It can be a challenge to locate good guests to be on your podcast but it can be done with some helpful tips and suggestions.

Begin with friends, colleagues, and acquaintances

If your podcast is just beginning, perhaps you have already built up a vast network of connections. If not ask friends, acquaintances, and colleagues that you’ve known for years to host. Use social media sites like LinkedIn to find anyone you know who could become a podcast guest. Even your current podcast’s audience can be polled to ask who they’d like to hear on your show. It’s possible one of your regular listeners could be a good guest for your upcoming podcast.

Look on iTunes for similar podcasts

Whatever your podcast centers on or around, chances are good there are like podcasts. Reaching out to those hosts of similar podcasts can be an opportunity for both sides. Cross-promotion is always good for tapping into an audience that is already established and where you can introduce your podcast to listeners who are already interested in what your podcast is about. Why not reach out to the host of a similar podcast and offer to be a guest on their podcast, too?

Don’t turn a blind eye to other formats

Like unearthing similar podcasts in your niche, you can do the same and hunt for other formats, like blogs, YouTube channels, etc. Look for bloggers or YouTubers who create content like yours and enquire if they want to be a guest on your podcast. Most non-podcasters know podcast interviews are a good way to grow their audience as well as build brand awareness.

Research interesting authors

When you find books within your niche or subject matter on Amazon you like, home in on upcoming releases or recently published titles. Authors of new books are always eager for new opportunities to promote their writings, especially if they’re just starting. Anyone who’s trying to sell a product will likely jump at an opportunity to promote and spread the word about that product.

Use social media groups and other forums

Social media is providing a wealth of opportunities to connect with other podcasters and those looking for podcasts to guest-star or host. Look for Facebook groups created by and for podcasters, as well as Reddit where you can try posting on one of its subreddits about podcasting. This will let already-established communities know you’re looking for podcast guests.

Booking services

Believe it or not, some companies book guests on podcasts for a living and other radio shows. For instance, will help book a guest on your podcast when you visit its website for free. Podcast producers and radio show hosts worldwide use the free Guest Request booking service which is "said to be better than a Podcast Guests Directory because the guests will come to you."

Since 2008, the free interview guest booking service has been making it simple to find podcast guests and experts, authors, and celebrities to interview as guests on your radio show or podcast talk show.

It never hurts to have a prolific guest host on your podcast to make it all the more special for listeners as well as yourself.