What Topics You Should Avoid When Posting On LinkedIn & Why

Politics, religion, personal photos, and opinions …

Whether you already have a LinkedIn account or you are thinking about setting one up, and decide to share any post, keep in mind there are some topics you should avoid like the plague.

Why? Because there are certainly some posts that could potentially tarnish your brand and overall reputation or standing on LinkedIn.

Not Always Easy

Of course, knowing what content and posts to avoid is not always easy especially in these times but for the most part, you should stay clear of controversial topics. Even though you are likely to get lots of engagement, feedback, and comments from such posts it is best to avoid anything that could be considered controversial.

Bear in mind LinkedIn is not like Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, as it is a professional platform where established as well as potential prospects meet up and may not agree with your opinions if you do post such content.

In other words, if you do post topics that conflict with other people's views, you might turn them off as well as putting a halt to any potential business relationship.

It is best to keep content and posts professional and stay away from controversy and negativity – at least on LinkedIn. Here are some more tips to help you keep your profile positive and help you gain success and prospective clients on LinkedIn.

Religious and Political Content

Religion and politics are two topics to keep far away from unless you want to get into a heated debate. Most people have their views on both and tend to side one way or another. It is best to let people have their views when they want and how they want without getting involved

Sales-related Posts

True, LinkedIn is the ultimate platform for B2B and is more effective when utilized as a place to build important business relationships, instead of making sales pitches and showcasing your brand.

Of course, some businesses may make sales directly on LinkedIn, but the majority will need to build new relationships with potential clients to move the relationship beyond the platform and perhaps have a sales call offline.

Keep focused on offering value and as a resource for your prospective —as well as your regular clients. When they need an expert in your field,  they will turn to you first when needed.

TMI Posts

Do not offer TMI — Too Much Information — as in personal feelings, background, your life outside LinkedIn.  Remember, LinkedIn is a professional social media platform and not Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or Snapchat.I

Be balanced — be social and professional at the same time. Skip the cute dog photos, and funny memes as well as what you plan to do after work. Keep it clean, keep it professional, and offer something of value.

Controversial Posts

Again, and most importantly, because LinkedIn is a professional platform of established clients, potential clients, industry leaders, and peers, as well as other folks in professional relationships, think twice about posting topics that alienate people i.e. controversy and/or negativity.

Sure, these topics can be important and timely, however, LinkedIn is not the appropriate platform for either. In general, it is better to keep away from posting, or commenting on anything controversial as well as any negative discussions.

In the end, it is all about avoiding posting content that will possibly hinder, hurt, and/or make you appear unprofessional on the LinkedIn platform. Instead, you want to offer your current clients and prospective clients something they can use without being offended or being put on the spot.