The Best Podcast Apps For Setting Up Your Own Podcast Show

podcast Jun 25, 2020

Have you been thinking about starting your podcast show? Maybe you want to be the next Joe Rogan. Or you want to start another content channel for your business. Some of the best podcast apps for Android and IOS have made the process a breeze. Just a few years ago, creating a podcast required audio and editing expertise. Most established podcasts still need these skills. However, if you want a hassle-free way to get started, an app is your best bet. 


I know what you’re thinking; the world doesn’t need another podcast. However, the data says otherwise. In two years, the number of podcasts grew more than 35%. Despite the large spike, only 22% of Americans listen to podcasts. That means there is a significant opportunity to build your tribe, earn income, and grow your business through podcast content. So the goal is just to start. Record your first few episodes using one of these five handy apps.


1. Anchor

Anchor touts themselves as “the easiest way to make a podcast.” And they may have a point. Anchor’s goal is to make audio distribution easy and available to anyone. The anchor app is an all-in-one experience. It allows you to record, edit, and distribute your podcast all from the app. You can invite guests that have the app installed and even transcribe snippets of audio. Best of all, Anchor strives to make the app and features free. 


Of course, there will be some downside to a free service with all these bells and whistles. For starters, there are limits to the size of each audio file. If you have external files already, this can be a challenge. Recording on the app happens on a lower quality M4A format. However, the app helps you ship your content quickly. As time goes on, those limitations will be a nuisance. 

2. Podbean

Podbean is one of the more popular podcast apps available. The app allows you to record, publish, and manage podcast shows. You get your page to customize your episodes and upload your content. You can even monetize your show through premium access or ads through their ad networks. 


Podbean has a free tier, with 5 hours of storage space. But you can only get the best features with a paid subscription, which starts at $14. For $29 a month, you can host a video podcast. One advantage is that Podbean is a media host so that you can distribute your podcast on their platform. Podbean is feature-rich, and with a small upfront investment, you can have a professional-looking podcast running in no time. 

3. Spreaker

Spreaker is a media host that developed an application to create podcasts on their platform. Using their free starter plan, you can create, edit, import, and distribute your podcast on other platforms. There’s also a live broadcast feature to build on the spot episodes. Spreaker also has a dynamic ad platform to monetize your episodes. Spreaker is a media host that’s been around for years, and you can share content on the platform. 


Unlike Podbean, Spreaker has storage caps on all plans. While 100 hours sounds like more than enough on the Basic Plan, there’s some comfort in knowing there’s unlimited storage with Podbean. Above all, Spreaker stands out for its easy-to-use interface.

4. Buzzsprout

Buzzsprout may not have a mobile app, but the desktop application delivers in more ways than one. The app transforms your podcast from an idea into a brand with it’s impressive features. While you can’t record directly on Buzzsprout, you can upload and master your audio files on the platform. You can optimize your episodes for SEO, transcribe your content, and monetize your content. There are small but useful features that make the platform worthwhile, like a custom website and custom video soundbite


Buzzsprout’s biggest drawback is the limited number of upload hours. The free version only provides 2 hours upload time. Paid plans start at $12/month for 3 hours upload, with $4 for every additional upload. While for $24/month, you get 12 hours with a $2 additional fee, these costs can rack up for daily or long-form podcasts. 

5. Audacity

What if you don’t need the built-in bells and whistles? Audacity has been a free app that’s been the people’s choice. If you’re ready to start your show, start with a simple setup, then record and edit your episodes in the app. The open-source recorder and editor allows you to cut, adjust levels, tempo, and noise reduction. There are also plugins to help you create the best audio track possible. 


Audacity is open-source, making it accessible across any platform. So while changes can happen quickly, there is little support, and it might not be as feature-rich as other applications. Audacity also takes some getting used to. That said, the app is great for quickly recording and editing long-form podcasts.

6. Garageband

Do you have an Apple device? Try Garageband, the native Mac OS app. Garageband also has an IOS app so that you can record on your iPad or iPhone. The app was created for musicians, which gives users fantastic editing options. Once you set up a Project, you can do a single or multiple recording, then edit and mix the track. Garageband also has free plugins that are geared towards musicians but can help with podcast production as well. 


Since Garageband is created and managed by Apple, you are at the mercy of the company for updates. But the goal is to get the show started as quickly as possible. In time, you can upgrade to the pricey, but solid Logic Pro.


Ready to start your show?

Podcasting should be a simple form of content creation. These apps strive to make the production and business side of podcasting an effortless experience. If you’re looking to start a podcast without a big commitment, consider the freemium options on Podbean, Buzzsprout, or Spreaker. From there, you can work on growing your listeners while improving the quality of the content. If you need more tips and advice on podcasting, connect with me for more content straight to your inbox. 


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