How To Attract High-Quality Podcast Guests

how to podcast Sep 03, 2020

If you have recently started your podcast, you might be thinking of ways to expand your audience and widen your reach.


Well, you’ve opened the right article.


Because having podcast guests is one of the keys to increase the number of your listeners.


Of course, not any podcast guest will do. At least not all the time.


Aim to attract high-quality podcast guests to engage with, build relationships, and expand your reach.


Who knows? You may even score your next client or job!


To land your target podcast guests, you should be professional and transparent when dealing with them.


More importantly, you need to ask!


Here are some pointers to help you out:


1. The First 100

Write a list of the first 100 persons you’d like on your podcast. This could be a wide range but narrow enough to be relevant to your niche.


Think about the best of the best in your field. Make sure to add them to your list.

You’d be surprised how willing they would be to come on your show as a guest. Start gathering their contact information either on Twitter, LinkedIn, or using a tool like


Then reach out to everyone, making sure to have a value-packed email.


Continue to get to know the potential guests, and in short order, you can ask for an interview.

2. Create kick-ass content.

While you’re out scouting for talent, you have to give them a reason to come on your show in the first place.


Chances are, your guest may listen to one or two of your episodes to get a gauge of your style and content.


So you have to deliver.


Make sure you’re not offering up thin content.


Create deep, value-driven episodes or conversations that your guests will want to add to.


Spend as much time as you need to plan and execute your podcast. 

When that high-influence, high-quality guest finally says yes, it’s essential to have these other steps in place:

3. Have an open schedule.

It would be best if you always assume the guest you are inviting is busy (since they are high-profile).


You cannot expect to have them on your show immediately within the week that you sent your invitation (although if they can, then that’s great!).


Some may be able to respond to you within the week, while others may take months.


So you should have a list of episodes prepared while waiting for their response.


More so, make sure to have enough room in your calendar to accommodate your guest - that may be in the same week or month, or perhaps the next month.


Don’t sweat the timeframe.


The episode will be a high return on the investment of time.


2. Simplify your invitation.

Still assuming that your guest is busy, the invitation should be crisp and clear.


It should have an idea of the questions you might want to ask and how you can add value to them on your podcast. Make sure they know what's in it for them.


You might still have to send a follow-up email, but at least, your guest already knows all the important details.


Avoid bombarding your guest with multiple emails so you would not look overly eager or desperate. Find the right balance. Too many emails can cause them to decline altogether.


3. Make your concept easily understandable.

As you invite a guest to your show, you need to sell your idea or concept to him/her first. That should be clearly explained in the email as well. For example, you can say that “I’ll be having an interview series with authors of best-selling books for young adults.”

This way, your guest will have a general idea of the interview questions and how the discussion will go along.


4. Do the (extra) work.

Assuming that the person agreed to be a guest on your show, you should go the extra mile to make them comfortable. Remember that despite being busy, s/he has decided to give you free content by devoting time and energy to your show.


As such, you must shoulder any extra work. This may include looking for his/her bio for the introduction and high-resolution images. Asking the guest for any additional resource should always be your last resort.


5. Make your guest the star.

Let your guest shine on your show! Let your audience hear how amazing they are! Provide an avenue for them to freely share and promote their experiences, projects, or whatever they’ve got going.

This way, they will feel valued and loved by your audience and will be happy to recommend others to your show. Since your guest has given you free content, make sure to promote their products to your audience as well. It should be a give-and-take situation, after all.


Big No No’s

The pointers above will help you invite and treat your high-quality podcast guest professionally. But here two things that you should NOT do as a podcast host.


Do not oblige your guest to share the episode.

Asking your guest to share the episode is an indication that you are an amateur.

It is subtly saying, “I don’t have that much of an audience, so I’m hoping to piggyback on yours.”


Rather than asking your guest to share, you might as well create content that your guest will eagerly share.

Ask questions from a different angle so your show will have information about the guest that has not been heard before. This will need some further research, but it will pay off.


With this, your guest will want to share your podcast with his/her followers.


You may also create shareable materials, such as graphic quotes and clips, that will encourage them to share willingly.


Do not invite just to increase your audience.

Although having a high-profile guest is a key to increasing your audience, that should not be your primary motivation.


That person will sense your desperation and will feel used.


Only invite guests if they can indeed perfectly fit for your show.


Do not adjust your show to fit the high-profile guests you wish to have.



Finding the first guest will be the hardest.

That might not be pleasant to hear (or read), but that’s the truth, especially when you’re just starting.

It will be hard looking for and choosing the right guest for your show.

And you may even be awkward once you have him/her on the show.

BUT that’s okay!

Treat all those as lessons learned.


With time, and with every “yes” for your succeeding shows, you will surely get better and be more at ease. More importantly, you won't take the "no's" to heart.


Consider having guests of a lower profile.

In fact, if talking with a high-profile person will be too hard for you, why not have a "lower-profile" guest first?


Those who are also building their profile (pretty much like you) are usually better podcast guests since they want to talk with you.


Who knows, you might be unraveling a great story that could give the most significant break for your podcast and your guest.


You get to test your interview chops until


 It's your time


That’s it! We hope that this will help you land the dream guest. While it’s still fresh, why not construct an email right now for that guest? Remember to keep it short and concise and be flexible with your schedule. Go on! Take courage and invite that person.


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