Turning A Podcast Guest Into Your Next Customer

podcast Jun 26, 2020

Podcasts are a great way to get your next lead, customer, or coaching client. That’s because podcasting is an excellent content marketing tool. Someone can take in your content and from that awareness, sign up to your email list or purchase your product directly from your site. But what if there was a way to land a big fish with your podcast? If you’re not leveraging the power of a podcast guest, you can be leaving thousands of dollars on the table.


More than a podcast interview


There are close to 900,000 active podcasts today. Some of the most popular podcasts are interview-style shows. A podcast guest comes on to share knowledge, talk about their product, or recount their journey. Some famous podcast interviewers include Tim Ferriss, Joe Rogan, James Altucher, and Lewis Howes.


There’s a hidden objective by many of these podcasters. Yes, their audience wants to hear from amazing minds in different niches. However, these interviews allow the hosts to turn the interviews into long term relationships. In many cases, these same guests became investors, promoters of their brands, and customers of their services. 


If you have a podcast, you can do the same. Not only can you turn the guest into a customer, but you also have content that you can use to attract even more customers. A podcast is a gift that keeps on giving! Here are some simple but effective steps to turn a podcast guest into your next customer.


Step 1: Create your perfect customer

It’s a waste of time if you invite the wrong podcast guest. Of course, you’re not inviting everyone for the sole purpose of converting them into a customer. There will be guests who inspire you, intrigue you, or can help your listener base. However, there are some times you want to be strategic with whom you invite. The right guest can grow your brand and revenue. 


Start by mapping out your ideal customer. Get as detailed as you can in crafting your customer persona. Digital Marketer has a Customer Avatar article that can help you craft this person in short order. Creating an avatar won’t only help with your podcast but all of your Content Marketing efforts. 


Step 2: Finding your Ideal Customer

Now that you know your ideal customer, it’s time to find them. Where do they hang out online? Who are the most popular or famous persons in the space? Make a list of at least 20 of these ideal customers. Don’t be afraid to add CEOS, athletes, and the most prominent performers in the game. Once you have your list, it’s time to reach out. You can use LinkedIn Premium to connect with your potential guests directly. You can also use to track down email addresses. 

Step 3: Give value first. 

How creepy would it be to message these potential customers and directly ask them to be on your podcast? That won’t work unless you’re Tim Ferriss, Joe Rogan, or Tony Robbins. Everyone’s time is valuable, so you need to give value first. Take some time to research each potential client. Look at their content, achievements, or business. Is there any way you can help them? Did they help your existing base in any way? Craft each message letting the person know how they helped you or your base. Send them some valuable content in the form of a relevant podcast episode or offer to help them for free.


Step 4: Ask for the interview.

Would everyone answer your email? Of course not. However, if done well, you will get at least one favorable response. Now it’s time to play the long game. First, make sure to keep your word, as best as possible. Then, feel free to ask them questions occasionally. Share their content with your social media and tag them in it. Spend a little time cultivating a relationship, then ask for the interview. There’s no right or wrong time. Do what feels right. Let the person know that you believe their expertise, experience, and perspective will help your audience. It’s highly likely that you’ll get a yes!


Step 5: Get ready

Set up a suitable date and time for the interview. Make sure that there are hiccups. It would suck if you’ve done all the work to develop a relationship, then lose the recording due to a technology issue. If you’re interviewing in person, make sure you have more than one means of recording the conversation, just in case. If the interview is a call, avoid using Skype as the sound quality is poor. 


Invest in a program like Squadcast, Ringr, or ClearCast that focuses on interviewing and maintaining excellent audio. If there’s video involved, you may have to lean on Zoom. However, there are other options like Open Broadcaster Software. Make sure to test your tech before starting the interview and have a contingency plan. These checks save you time and put the message in your guest’s mind that you’re organized and proactive.


Step 6: Make it all about them.

During the interview, make sure the guest feels comfortable sharing their experiences, knowledge, and even their profession or business information. Ask questions that get them excited, yet challenge their perspective. An engaging interview sparks new ideas and builds a strong relationship for the future. Share the interview with your audience. If you do a great job, you won’t have to ask them the same.


Step 7: Ask for the sale.

You’ve got a great podcast episode that can get you new listeners, subscribers, and even new customers. But that’s the minimum from this interview. A short time after the interview, reach out to your podcast guest with an offer to work with them. By then, the guest would already know who you are, what you sell, and how well you perform (as the saying goes, “how you do anything, is how you do everything”). You will also get a more definite idea of what their needs are. 


After investing the time and effort into interviewing them, sharing their content, and adding value, they will want to reciprocate in some way. It’s highly likely that you will earn a customer without putting out any further effort. If for some reason, your ideal customer can’t sign on or buy, they’ll be happy to connect you with those who can. 


Step 8: Keep working on the relationship.

Whether or not you get the sale, keep building rapport, and adding value. Building a network of people who know and trust you is extremely important and valuable. Chances are you can get both referrals or future business. If you get business from the podcast interaction and you’re able to add value, complete a case study, or get a testimonial. That’s a great way to grow a fruitful customer relationship. Most of all, make sure to give back your time to your new customer/podcast guest. Be available for their podcast if they have one, and don’t hesitate to refer work, business, or clients to them. 


Build relationships and revenue with your next podcast guest

There are multiple ways to earn revenue from podcasting. However, few podcasters approach the angle of building relationships with guests that turn into customers. This is a long game. However, the returns could be tenfold. It’s a great way to get the maximum return from your podcasting efforts. If you need help with Content Marketing, podcasting, or growing your brand, feel free to connect with me!


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