Do LinkedIn Profile Views Matter? 8 Ways To Increase Your Visibility

When it comes to social media and other platforms, views are a mixed bag. For some, like YouTube, views equal money. For others, views are simply a vanity metric. But for LinkedIn, views are a vital part of their landscape. Recently, Business Insider rated LinkedIn as one of the most trusted social networks. That means people are more likely to buy into you and what your profile says about you.  

What are Profile Views, and why views matter?

People are looking to connect with like-minded individuals on LinkedIn every day. The platform does an excellent job of suggesting connections with similar interests, skills, or businesses that can help them. One profile view from a decision-maker can turn into a conversation. That one view means a new job, new business, podcast interview, or sale. Simply put, the more views, the better.

Although there are close to 700 million LinkedIn users, only a few get massive profile views. That’s because many on LinkedIn have not done the critical steps need to get and maintain visibility. These steps can help you skyrocket your views and multiply the return on investment in Linkedin.

1. Optimize your linkedin profile.

One of the easiest ways to get more profile views is to have a fully optimized profile. If your profile has no headshot image or nothing in your bio, you won’t get any views. A large part of your Social Selling Index - a series of metrics that determine if your brand is up to scratch - is dependent on a fully optimized profile.

Make sure your profile photo is high quality and professional while showing off your personality. Optimize your bio for search by placing your exact role(s) and any offers. These steps can help Linkedin push your profile to the top of the search results.

2. Include all of your accomplishments. Everything is worth something.

LinkedIn provides ample space for you to place all of your certifications, projects, roles, and accomplishments. Something may seem trivial to you, but it could be exactly what someone else is looking for. Use the About section to state how you could impact your company, bosses, clients, and community. Leave nothing out. Your detailed, engaging bio can keep someone on your page long enough to connect with you. And that seemingly useless course can turn into a consulting client.

3. Create lots of content

There are 700 million LinkedIn users, but only 3 million or 1% create content. That means there’s a golden opportunity for you to get visibility by creating content. On Linkedin, you can create articles, posts, videos, slideshows, and pdfs. In particular, video content has amazing reach, so start creating at least one video a week. Make sure to provide value with your content. As your content gets more engagement, you’ll easily start to get more profile views. Remember, you’re only competing with 1% of the network.

4. Join a LinkedIn Group

LinkedIn Groups are mini-mastermind hubs that share ideas and content in a particular niche, similar to Facebook Groups. Groups are well-known for helping each other, and group members will view your profile, content and connect you with others. It’s a great way to get an initial visibility boost.

5. Use Hashtags to increase your reach.

Although LinkedIn hashtags could be traced back to 2014, they really picked up in 2017. Hashtags allow your content to start trending on topics related to your niche. Trending posts get shared with more of the network, which automatically means more persons viewing your profile. Use this blog post from to see the top trending hashtags. That way, you can be strategic in your hashtag use.

6. Engage, Engage, Engage!

With social media, engagement goes both ways. The same goes for LinkedIn. You can create content, which will give you more profile views. However, engaging with other people’s content is just as important and effective. Using hashtags, you can find the latest and trending content in your niche. From there, you can engage in the posts by leaving comments. Not just any old comment. Make sure it’s meaningful and encourages discussion. You can also share the content on your own profile and tag the person to bring your discussion connections.

7. Ask for recommendations

Recommendations and testimonials hold value in terms of credibility and visibility. Receiving a recommendation helps position you as someone reliable and capable in your field. Ask your trusted former and current coworkers for a testimonial. It could even help with services like LinkedIn Profinder, which uses testimonials and recommendations to connect professionals with clients.

8. Create articles to position yourself as an SME

I’ve mentioned content before, but articles need a special mention. For starters, LinkedIn is one of the few social media platforms with a built-in blogging platform. LinkedIn Pulse helps you create long-form content which can really position you as an SME or subject matter expert. Create at least one article a week, making sure to share it with your network. From there, you’ll get significantly more engagement and views.

Boost Your LinkedIn Views Today

Increasing your visibility sounds like a vanity metric. Yet it’s a powerful way to get more connections, more enquires, and more attention. This could be the difference between a new job, a new freelance client, or more sales. The easiest way to increase your profile views is to maximize your profile. Make sure it’s fully optimized and create content while engaging with the existing audience and content. From there, your reach will quickly scale.

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