How to post in LinkedIn and Gain 1000's Of Impressions Quickly

The shocking LinkedIn facts you should know

LinkedIn is continually growing as a social media platform. If you’re in sales, job hunting, or growing your business, there are few social platforms like LinkedIn.

It’s a professional network with over 600 million active users.

LinkedIn allows its users to post content, exchange messages, and collaborate.

It’s networking on steroids.

While there are millions of users, only 40% use the site daily.

Even more surprising, only 3 million users post on LinkedIn weekly, most of whom are B2B content marketers.

That means less than 1% of active persons post on the platform.

So there’s a massive opportunity for you to increase your network, income, and transform your business.

But you can’t just post anything on the platform. Knowing how to post in linkedin can be the difference between thousands of eyes and crickets.

Here are the different ways you can post on LinkedIn to grow your digital presence.

Posts And Status Updates

Before you start posting, read one of my several tips to help you create a killer profile.

This video can also help you optimize your profile.

Once you have a great profile, you’ll see the option to create a post on the Home Page. Posts are similar to Status Updates on Facebook.

Posts are a great way to quickly engage, spark conversations, and show your authority in your particular niche.

Click ‘Start a post’ and start sharing.

Before you do, make sure you have a clear idea of your ideal target, including their interests and pain points. The type of posts that work well include:

  • Thoughtful posts on what’s impacting your industry.
  • Milestones in your business or career.
  • Business/Career trials and how you were able to overcome them.
  • Problems your clients encountered and how you saved the day.

These types of posts speak to the human side of your connections. They show how you could add value to your network.

When your connections comment, persons in their network will see these comments.

This can spark 2nd and 3rd level connections to engage, opening opportunities for you and your business.

Do’s And Don’ts Of Status Updates:

Make sure to use tags (like hashtags on Instagram) to reach new connections.

Also don’t share external links within your status updates as the algorithm frown on users leaving the site. Add them in the first comment.

Get engagement going early through likes and comments. Comments within the first hour of your update trigger the Linkedin algorithm to share the post with more of your profile.

When more connections comment, your post could become viral.

Combined with the right tags, the post can start trending, exposing you to more eyes.  

Add a relevant image to make the post even more sharable.

As a rule of thumb, keep your status updates neutral avoiding sensitive topics.  LinkedIn prides itself on being a professional network.

Use Video To Skyrocket Engagement

LinkedIn only added video in 2017. In the initial stages, video had little traction.

However, the last two years shows that video brings some of the highest engagement. You can post a video you shot from your phone or use the video option to create and post immediately.

Click on the camera icon at the post option on your homepage. Using the ‘Start a post’ option allows you to upload your videos from your camera.

Post videos with similar topics to regular posts.

Video also helps you to pull the curtain to show connections (and potential customers) your day-to-day business.

You can also save and post curated videos with your thoughts on the subject (make sure to credit the author).

Like general posts, the earlier the engagement, the more effective the video.

Content Marketing With LinkedIn Articles

You can’t know how to post in linkedin without using articles.

LinkedIn allows users the ability to create blogs and share within their network.

Using LinkedIn’s built-in blogging system, you can create headlines, subheadings, and add images.

This is a great way to use the content on your content marketing calendar to reach a built-in audience. And with the SEO juice of LinkedIn, you will reach external readers as well. ‘How To’ Posts and list posts work particularly well here.

To start posting, click on the ‘Write an article’ option.

Then you can add an image, headline, and start typing or paste your blog in from your Google Doc, website, etc.

This detailed post from Noah Kagan’s Ok Dork outlines the best practices on how to post in linkedin. Follow these tips and you will surely multiply your engagement.

Post A PDF Or Slideshow On LinkedIn

Have a small pdf, slideshow, or ebook you want to share?

Now you can post a document directly to the LinkedIn feed. This is different from the standalone Slideshare which is still useful to post long presentations.

Posting a document is a way to share long-form content in a digestible way.

From the homepage, click on the document icon on the far right:

It comes out as a slideshow, embedded in the LinkedIn feed with navigation arrows for the viewer. Click the document, and it goes fullscreen.

As an example, Bridgewater associates co-chairman, Ray Dalio breaks down complex concepts using slideshows:

Experiment with different formats and posting times, doing more of what works and less of what doesn't.

LinkedIn Live

This is a new feature with amazing benefits!

Linkedin Live is in its beta stages. You have to apply for Live access. Live allows you to broadcast what’s happening right now. It’s also an excellent opportunity to interview thought leaders or share value in real-time.

For instance, entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuck does ‘Tea With Gary Vee,’ where he selects and virtually coaches people during the pandemic. This one post got over 20,000 views.

If you’re someone who creates consistent content (and Live content on other platforms), this will increase your chances of a successful application.

Consider streaming your podcast live, coaching session, or even do a virtual live training. With a call to action at the end, you can also gain subscribers or leads for your sales pipeline.

Key Things To Remember

Posting in LinkedIn is a great opportunity to expand your network, find new sales opportunities, and grow your business.

  • Make sure to keep your posts neutral.
  • Add as much value as possible.
  • Stay on brand.
  • Check for spelling and grammar issues before posting.

It may seem hard to use all of these types of posts, but there are ways to speed up your content creation. You just need to start. Remember, only 1% post consistently on LinkedIn, so there’s room to crush it.

Ready To learn How To Post On linkedin?

I’m just scratching the surface of how to post on LinkedIn. With consistent content, I was able to quickly increase engagement, earn new connections, and close new business.

If you know the value of real connections, then you know that you won’t want to mess this up.

That’s why I’ve put together a LinkedIn Masterclass that will help. The course walks you through everything you’ll need to know about content creation on LinkedIn.

Which one of these post types are you going to use today?