LinkedIn Learning Courses Can Help Build Job Skills

Working and learning at home has become the norm and luckily the process is a lot easier than years past.

For instance, LinkedIn Learning offers educational material for online learners or folks from beginners to intermediate with a focus on job skills. If you want to become better at specific job-related software programs LinkedIn Learning could be for you.

Some of the things it offers include an easy-to-use interface, a large area of materials discussed, interaction with field experts via Q&A, tech topics for those who are more advanced, badges and certificates, and a LinkedIn Learning app.

What Is It Exactly?

LinkedIn Learning is a for-profit video-based learning platform focused on teaching professionals skills needed for people to succeed in their careers. It offers more than 16,000 career-related topics including leadership, public speaking, Excel, personal branding, and more.

How does LinkedIn Learning Work?

LinkedIn Learning gives learners instructional content via video and audio presentation by using slideshows, software navigation, and high-quality visual demos. The three main topics it covers include business, creative and technology.

Some of the more specific courses covered on LinkedIn Learning include: Becoming a Manager, Learning Photoshop, Network and System Administration, and Higher Education.

Learners can choose content from a browse drop-down menu or follow suggested videos on the home page. Additionally, learners can begin getting information as if they were participating in an in-person meeting or seminar on the topic.

An added feature is the ability to pause and rewind material. The platform provides a “notebook” option under videos allowing learners to take notes on the material discussed. A full transcript of the video is also available.

LinkedIn Learning Pricing & Costs

The pricing of LinkedIn Learning is fully subscription-based so a learner doesn’t pay for individual courses. Instead, a paid subscription gives access to all courses on LinkedIn Learning.

Not sure yet? LinkedIn Learning offers a free one-month free trial. To use LinkedIn Learning after the trial period finishes, members have two options monthly or yearly payment. Visit LinkedIn Learning and contact sales to find out more about pricing.

What is a LinkedIn Learning subscription?

A LinkedIn Learning subscription provides unlimited access to all educational videos on the LinkedIn Learning platform. LinkedIn Learning also gives a premium subscription to LinkedIn.

What is it good for? Perhaps you want to learn how to build or create a personal brand or step up and be a successful leader.  There is a lot of content to checkout, and the chance to have access to it for one price.

Again, LinkedIn Learning courses are mostly video-based meaning learners watch experts talk about the topic with slide shows and relevant content on the screen at their leisure. Learners are provided with a section to ask additional questions of the presenters.

What makes online learning even more popular is it allows learners to multitask: doing household tasks, cooking, or exercising while learning.


Learners should be aware that LinkedIn Learning is not a credentialed educational source such as a university or community college. Although learners can obtain continuing education units (CEUs) through LinkedIn Learning, but not receive accredited certificates or degrees. But LinkedIn Learning Badges can be obtained and shown on LinkedIn profiles, great for showing professional development.


In the end, skill-based courses at LinkedIn Learning are considered to provide practical versus academic educational opportunities.

Many of the courses on LinkedIn Learning are great and cover a large amount of content providing learners with a strong knowledge base.

Linked Learning can be a good option for learners who want to develop strong job skills, but don’t want to earn certificates or degrees at a university.