7 Ways To Use Posts On LinkedIn To Gain New Followers Regularly

Subscribers are the lifeblood of any business. The industry or niche does not matter. If you can get a subscriber on your email list, you have a group that you can target, engage, curate, and eventually sell. Most metrics state that you should make at least one dollar ($1) for every subscriber. According to Email Monday, Email has the highest ROI in marketing, with 380%. If you’re looking to grow your revenue, an email list is a great place to start. Using posts on LinkedIn is a great way to increase your subscriber base.

LinkedIn has a network of over 660 million users, with 100 million persons posting and interacting daily. That’s a goldmine to find your ideal customer. Once you can engage with them through posting content,  it becomes easier to earn subscribers.

Before you post, have an offer ready.

Emails are a private resource to most. So to get someone’s Email, you need to give them something valuable in return. A lead magnet is a low-entry offer that will encourage a reader to provide their Email in exchange. They get the value from the offer, and you get the Email to keep marketing. Lead magnets can be ebooks, cheat sheets, checklists, or swipe files.

Consumers are getting more desensitized to these types of lead magnets.

So we need to improve the value in the lead magnet. Consider an email course, audiobook, small video course, or software trial. Once you have your offer crafted to target your ideal customer, you can use posts on Linkedin to start growing your email list.

1. Encourage your readers to comment for access

A LinkedIn post is an excellent opportunity to share your lead magnet. However, you want to get creative with getting persons to opt-in. Consider creating a post that outlines the benefits of the lead magnet. Then go a step further by encouraging them to comment for access. Mike Weiss, a course creator and entrepreneur that was instrumental in the Digital Marketer suite of products, use this technique in the post below.

He even segments the users. “Free Videos” brings in one segment. “Access” brings in another who will more likely buy. They’re aware of the $97/month value, and if it lives up to expectations, they’ll keep subscribing. “Consult” gives him a direct sales call for high-ticket customers. He can then send them a personal message with his landing pages. This post garnered over 80 comments, most choosing Free Videos and Access.

2. Get connections to share with their network

Use your Linkedin posts to encourage your leaders to share it with their network. Once you start creating content, leave a Call To Action at the end to get your trusted tribe to share the content. It helps to be specific here. Don’t just post, “please share my content.” A better approach would be “ share with a coach you know who’s looking to improve their Personal Brand.” Your connections will have someone in mind: an ideal customer to nurture.

3. Start a contest

How about starting a contest? No matter how much money you make, you can’t help but like free stuff. Running a game using your content is a great way to draw in new subscribers. If you have a little to invest, you can purchase an item that will help your ideal customer and give it away. Noah Kagan, the founder of AppSumo, uses LinkedIn to run contests, even running a 31-day contest in January.

You don’t need to have a big budget. Your time is just as valuable. Give away a free consultation, coaching session, or product trail, making sure to add a monetary value to the giveaway in the post.

4. Create a Slideshow teaser of your lead magnet

Is your lead magnet or offer an ebook or course? Create a few images of the content as a teaser and use the Slideshow option. Slideshows encourage longer engagement times on your content. Once the content speaks to the reader, the slideshow will build trust. In the end, place a Call To Action to deliver the rest of the content through Email.

5. Use articles to show off Case Studies (with a CTA)

A Case Study is one of the most influential pieces of content to build engagement and subscribers. Case studies take a real problem and show the reader how you diagnosed and solved the issue. Your problem-solving abilities builds credibility and trust, especially if they have a similar problem. LinkedIn allows users to post articles on their CMS. Create a case study and share it with your connections. At the end of your case study, place a CTA to get their Email, with a checklist or cheat sheet for them to do the same.

6. Use Video to build trust

Video continues to reign supreme as a way to connect with new subscribers. Use short video posts on Linkedin to teach your subscribers how to use your product, solve a problem, or take action. Feel free to repost a snippet of a webinar. Even better, if you have access to LinkedIn Live, host a live webinar, interview, or training with a call to action at the end. Place the link on the post text or the first comment.

7. A/B test your posts

A post may resonate with one connection to take action, but fall flat with another. The lead magnet is not the issue. It’s the content. An A/B test or split test checks which piece of the content, headline, or landing page resonates best with your audience. In your content marketing plans, create another version of your post. Then test each post for engagement. Split testing could be the difference between 10 and 100 new subscribers.

Grow your email list today

Linkedin is one of the most reliable platforms to grow an audience. While it’s powerful for B2B growth, any business, coach, or consultant, can leverage the platform. With organic reach better than most social media platforms, you can use posts on LinkedIn to grow your subscribers quickly. Use a combination of posts, articles, and videos to target different consumers of content. Your email list is a powerful asset to grow your revenue.

Not sure where to start? Get your LinkedIn profile optimized for maximum reach. Then create All-Star content to grow your connections, email list, then your revenue. My LinkedIn Coaching and Courses can help turn you into a social selling, email gathering, revenue crushing superstar!