How To Create A LinkedIn Company Page That Converts Visits To Leads

LinkedIn continues to be a rising giant in building your personal brand. It’s easy to create a personal profile, create content, and grow your network.

But what about your business? Like Facebook, LinkedIn allows business owners to create a company page.

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to create a LinkedIn company page.

By the end of the post, you’ll have your own rocking page that you can use to create brand awareness.

What Is A LinkedIn Company Page?

A LinkedIn company page is the platform’s feature which allows businesses to create their own profile. This is not just an online flyer for your business.

It’s an amazing hub to share content crafted to help your ideal prospect. Since 2017, 92% of Fortune 500 companies have a LinkedIn company page (shame on that 8%). And as of 2018, 73% of companies surveyed have a company page.

Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Make Sure You’re On Linkedin first

You need to have a personal profile for two reasons.

First, a personal profile helps you understand how to navigate LinkedIn.

Secondly, you can’t create a company page without having a personal profile first.

If you don’t have a profile, make sure to watch my video on optimizing your profile before heading over to LinkedIn.

(If you do have one, this video will help you level up your profile.)

Step 2: Fill Out Your Company Page Details

With your profile created, click on the ‘Work’ grid on the top right of your Home page.

Scrolling to the bottom of that menu brings an option for a Company Page.

Then, select your company size, and start filling out your company information.

Enter company name, website, and industry. Upload the company logo picture and fill out the company tagline.

Use the tagline to state the company’s purpose as it helps with Search on LinkedIn.

Step 3: Build Out The page

Filling out the company details is not enough. If you stop here, you’ll end up with an unfinished business profile that looks unprofessional.

Once you create the page, you will get access to the Admin view. This is the backend that allows the business owner or admin to customize the look and feel of the company page.

First, include a cover image at the recommended 1536px by 768px size.

Make sure this image states exactly what your company does or whom your company helps.

I recommend that you change your company’s cover image from time to time to advertise new products or to show off your lead magnet and gain subscribers.

Insert your tagline again.

The next part is the company’s description.

While this feels like you’re repeating information, it’s a great opportunity to really wow your ideal customer.

Write exactly who your company serves and a compelling Call To Action at the end.

Once that’s done, you will realize a sub-menu pop-up with a progress bar that will ask for more detailed information.

Locations: Do you have more than one location?

Hashtags: Popular tags you want your company to be known for.

Groups: Groups your company or employees support or advocate.

There will also be prompts at the top of the company page to help you know what you’ve missed.

Once you’ve completed these areas, you’ll have an “All-Star” platform. Make sure not to skip any steps.

Setting up a profile the right way helps your company page to stand out and become more searchable within LinkedIn.

More Company Page Features You Should Know

Let’s not stop there.

Under the Admin Tools link, you can post jobs, and invite connections. Company pages also allow you to create events, showcase pages, and sponsor updates.

You can add users to manage your page, and get more page help if needed.

The page has detailed analytics that can help you do more of what works and less of what doesn’t.

Benefits Of A LinkedIn Company Page

You may think that having a LinkedIn company page might not make sense. After all, it could be another platform on the long list of social media pages to manage.

But a company page can be the difference-maker in growing your sales.

The powerful benefits of a Linkedin page include:

1. Additional Credibility:

A company page is a simple way of looking more professional. It adds credibility and confidence for Linkedin users looking for services similar to yours.

If your company has several employees, these employees won’t be connected to a ghost company on LinkedIn. They can be linked to an optimized profile.

2. Brand Building:

A company page is a great avenue to let others know your company’s mission and vision.

Consistent, on-brand content allows like-minded consumers to align themselves with your page.

They will start to engage, and eventually reach out for more info on your services. You can also interact with others as your brand.

What’s more, employees can become better advocates by sharing your company updates.

3. A Lead Generation Force

According to Linkedin, 62% of marketers say Linkedin successfully generates leads. A company page could be a free way to start your sales funnel.

Create content from your company page to encourage subscriber sign-ups, promote giveaways, or to open up consultations.

4. Create Sponsored Content

A company page allows businesses to create sponsored content. Sponsored content is LinkedIn’s paid ads system.

With a small budget, you can send targeted content to your ideal customer. Targeted content works well in a B2B space, attracting more leads than many other paid platforms.

What’s Next?

Follow these simple steps and you can have a page up and running in just a few minutes. However, knowing how to create a LinkedIn company page is part of the battle.

Use this page to create content to build awareness and engagement with your ideal audience. The content can also be shared by your employees to help spread the word.

If you need help with learning how to manage your LinkedIn content, connect with my close-knit group for more actionable content.