These LinkedIn Best Practices Will Guarantee You Maximum Engagement

Being the largest social networking site for professionals, LinkedIn is a great platform to expand your personal network or grow your business profile. LinkedIn can be maximized to increase people’s awareness about your brand and actually encourage them to know more about your business.

Unfortunately, too many people miss out on this opportunity.

If you are one of those, you have visited the right post because we will share some LinkedIn best practices to boost your engagement across the platform.

1. Know what type of content to post.

The content you publish is your primary medium to engage with your target audience. There are different types of content that you can explore and use. Linkedin has evolved into articles, images, videos, slideshows, and more. Look at the data, then choose the ones most effective in engaging with your industry professionals.

Add in some clickable content.

For content to be “clickable,” it should be eye-catching and engaging. You should be able to encourage your reader to click on the post. There are two ways to do this: by adding visuals such as photo, video, or infographic, and the other is by using a call-to-action phrase.

Audience specific

The best type of content to engage with the professionals in your industry is by having audience-specific content. This pertains to posts that your target audience will need and want to read.

Pique interests

Once you have identified who your audience is, it is also easier to create content that piques interests. These are content that will increase your readers’ knowledge and awareness about your industry.

Industry events

Post about your company’s events and whereabouts. This will encourage your audience to keep talking about the industry.

Career angle

Since LinkedIn is primarily a social network for professionals, it is also helpful to have content showcasing a career angle. This gives people an idea about your business and what they can expect if they work for you. If you have job vacancies, a career change post can encourage potential employees to apply.

Use LinkedIn Pulse for content strategy.

Pulse is the publishing feature of LinkedIn. It helps you reach your target audience and other professionals who may be interested in reading your content. With Pulse, you also obtain SEO benefits like backlinks and indexable content. Another advantage is content tagging, which means that your tagged post can still appear in search results even after months (and even years) of being published and so still increase your traffic.

Establish and highlight your personality.

Many think that on LinkedIn, you have to be professional all the time. Although that's true, it does not mean that your content's tone should be stiff and that your photos should be shot in a studio. Rather, your content would be more engaging if it has a tone that your audience can personally relate to. You may even share some candid shots of how you work with your customers or with your suppliers.

Include your personal takeaway when posting a link

In posting or sharing a link on LinkedIn, most people tend to give a summary. That is not entirely wrong. However, you can make it more effective and engaging by telling your audience how you feel about the article or link you shared. Did you agree or disagree? And why? When you leave your own thoughts and feelings, it is highly probable to get a few comments telling you how they feel. Don't be afraid to ask their thoughts as well.

Curate and create your own content.

In addition to posting and sharing links, you can drive more traffic to your LinkedIn profile by creating and posting your own content. Your unique content serves as rich-media assets that help you stand out among your competitors and so bring traffic to your profile. It also helps you establish better engagement since you will be talking about your own content. You can even curate popular content online and get their input.

Don’t just create for the sake of having original content. It should also be a mix of credible, entertaining, and of course, engaging.

If your company does not have any team or a dedicated individual to create your content, it is worthy of investing in one who can do it for you. The type of content you can ask for depends on your budget, but if you have the resources, having high-quality videos is one of the most effective rich-media assets.  

Keep your LinkedIn page active.

Having an unattended LinkedIn page can substantially affect your business. You need to capture and maintain the attention of your audience to boost your company profile. As such, here are a few tips to keep your page active:

  • Post at least once a day. If you can, publish content before and after work hours.
  • Engage in LinkedIn groups regularly by replying, commenting, and asking questions.
  • Keep updating your company profile through photos, business details, and descriptions.
  • Add videos since they can easily attract the audience.
  • Post career opportunities to drive more traffic to your profile.

Have your employees engage with and share your content.

Remember that your team members are your best and biggest ambassadors. However, employees are quite hesitant to share company content. This is why you should first inform your employees of the company news and achievements and make them feel proud to be part of such success. With this, your employees will be encouraged to share the company's content and boost engagement.

Those are the best practices to help you obtain maximum engagement for your company profile. Don’t worry; you don’t need to overhaul your profile. In fact, you can even drive more traffic as you do those tips one by one. Your audience will be more curious about the changes being done in your profile. Keep building your engagement!

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