How To Set Up a Podcast for Less Than $250

Yes you read that right you can set up a podcast for less than 250 dollars and I am going to show you how to do it.

To start a podcast for less than $250 you are going to need to cut some costs. The equipment you are going to get is going to be great but not premium. At the core of it, you are going to need three main things. Microphones, mixer and lastly a computer to record audio on. From there everything else extra believe it or not.

How are you going to be recording your podcast? 

Recording A Podcast On Zoom

If it's over zoom chances are good are only going to need one microphone because the person on the other end will be recording from their end. If that’s the case the best microphone to buy is a blue yeti with a pair of headphones that will get the job done. This setup will allow for you to record with awesome audio and it’s a great all-around microphone. It has a gain control that adjusts the sensitivity of the microphone. For example, the louder you are the lower the gain, and the quieter you are the higher the gain. Overall this is going to be the best option and with a great pair of headphones, you could walk away with less than 200 spent on everything.

The best mic for zoom: The Blue Yeti

In-person podcasts

These podcasts are going to consist of more than one person being on the show and needing to record at the same time. This is very common in a Joe Rogan-type podcast. These types of shows are great and are also the same as my show the brutally honest podcast. They are going to be a little more complex than a simple zoom podcast. Simply because you need more equipment to achieve the same goal. The benefit is the quality of your show will be significantly higher than a zoom show. There are three things you need in order to be successful for your show. Microphones, a mixer, and a computer. The microphones will record directly into the mixer where you can make any adjustments to your audio before it's recorded into the computer. This will include volume for each microphone, the gain, panning left to right, and compression if your mixer allows it. 

The best gear for in-person podcasts

Two-person podcast

If you are planning on doing a two-person show and don’t plan on having more than two people ever this is the best gear you are going to be able to get for it. Luckily you have a bit of extra money and you can buy higher-end equipment. This may be better-sounding mics or a higher-end mixer. 

Two Person Podcast All In One Bundle For $200

If you're someone who is worried about possibly forgetting something or want to save a bit more money Rockville offers an all-in-one kit. This kit includes two microphones, a two mic mixer, and even headphones. It's the best bang for your buck out there and not only covers all your bases but there isn't anything you "might need" down the road. You will be sacrificing large mic stands however it's one purchase and it all comes right to your door. 

The best all in one bundle for $200: Rockville 2-Person Podcast Podcasting Recording Kit w/ Mics Stands Headphones

The best mixer you can get if the price is right is the Behringer Q1202USB Mixer . It's hands down the best mixer around $100. Currently while writing this article it's selling on Amazon for $109. I have seen it closer to $160 when demand is high. This audio mixer gives you the flexibility to have up to four microphones at one time and has a lot of cool functions and features built into it that allows you to get creative with your audio. 

If the price of the Behringer Q1202USB Mixer goes up and you are looking to stay under the $250 mark the next best mixer is the Alesis MuliMix 4 FX. This allows you to plug in two XLR microphones and the price is usually around 100 dollars. It’s the second-best option and is the best budget-friendly alternative. Why the difference? The Behringer Q1202USB Mixer allows for four microphones at any time and comes with more functionality. The Alesis MuliMix 4 FX will give you everything you need but adding additional microphones isn't possible. I have used both and they are both amazing so don't worry, either way, you're getting a great mixer for your money.

The Best Microphones for a podcast under $250

For a two-person podcast if you spend $110 on a mixer you have about $140 left to spend on microphones and cables to plug them in. That’s $70 per microphone and at that price, there are plenty of alternatives. Personally, the best bang for the buck is an amazon package that includes a microphone, cables, and mic stands. Hands down you can’t get any more value for $60 each. The TONOR Professional Cardioid Studio Mic Kit is the best value for the money. The mics sound professional and you get a bunch of bonus gear that will not only make your podcast more pleasurable to record but provide a better sound for listeners as the mic will be right by your mouth. This will capture the best audio possible and give you the freedom of moving the mic as you lean back in a chair or adjust your position. 

The best Mixer and Microphone for under: $200: Behringer Q1202USB MixerTONOR Professional Cardioid Studio Mic Kit


How to set up a four-person podcast for less than $250.

This is a tight budget to get a four-person show but it can be done. You are going to need the Beringer mixer above and four microphones. Getting four microphones for under $140 is a challenge but it can be done. There will be a small sacrifice in quality however most people will never be able to hear the difference. Thankfully most people don’t have a trained ear so you should be fine. The best four-person microphone is the LyxPro Condenser Microphone. This microphone does not come with a stand however for 5 dollars each you can get the hudiemm0B Multimedia-Microphone Stand to keep your microphone off the table. This is hands down the best alternative to not sacrificing audio quality and still getting everything under $250. The bang for the buck is simply amazing. Keep in mind $250 for four microphones and a great mixer is a tough challenge. 

The best gear for a four-person podcast under $250: Behringer Q1202USB Mixer & Rockville Dynamic Podcasting Podcast Microphones

If you want your life to be simple the easiest thing to do is get the Beringer mixer above and this set of Rockville dynamic podcasting microphones. All in all your total will be $230! The build it yourself option will have higher quality audio however the set will remove all the headaches and quantity issues. There are two options because sometimes Amazon is out of stock, unfortunately.


Either option is going to yield some awesome results. As for a computer, I am going under the assumption you already have a laptop you can record to. The best free alternatives for recording software are Audacity if you’re on PC and Garage band for Macs. Both free programs and I have been able to get to the top 3% in the world by using audacity for free.