How to Get More LinkedIn Recommendations to Improve Your Profile

LinkedIn is a branding and social media networking site with a worldwide audience of over 500 million members spread across 200 countries.

The networking site is also the largest business-oriented networking website for professionals showcasing user profiles or outlines, connections, expertise, and valuable recommendations.

The platform is also an effective recruitment tool for new hires. According to an excerpt on LinkedIn, here are the main reasons to use the site for job hunting:

Gain Valuable Exposure From Recruiters

Having your professional credentials added to the App will do more to enhance your online visibility.

Besides, exposure to other users, your credentials will also appear on powerful search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Having your credentials listed on the networking tool will go a long way to market your skills and candidature as more than 90% of recruiters utilize the platform to research and recruit new talents.

Express Your Expertise, Leadership Attributes, And Credibility

A growing number of people, including job prospects looking to build trust among recruiters and employers, are turning their sights to the App to send valuable cues.

Research shows having a credential here makes it easy for employers to read your recommendations, connections, and accomplishments that may enhance your professional standing and social status among industry peers.

Utilize The App As A Research Tool

The business and employment App brings together a large pool of professionals and organizations from all around the world.

You can use the platform to check out recruiters, hiring managers, and target companies.

Internalizing this vital information will help you get a sneak peek at what to expect when you submit a job application or attend a job interview.

Use The Site's Highly Resourceful Job Board

The networking App has a prolific job search board that features "Easy Apply" option designed to help users make quick job applications.

The other features embedded in the job's board include "Save Job Search" and an employer alert function called "Flagging Recruiters."

Follow Companies And Join Professional Groups

Since many organizations have been enlisted, the networking App has become a vital resource for researching and targeting people and the organizations they serve.

The App also offers limitless networking opportunities for professionals to meet a community of like-minded persons and join vibrant discussion boards and groups for free.

Gain Social Proof Of Your Talents And Skills

Irrespective of your social status, the platform affords users an opportunity to get endorsements from professionals and highly regarded persons in the society.

Having an expert backing behind your name can enhance your credibility and connection among peers and industry players.

Exploring Recommendations To Your Advantage

Individuals and entrepreneurs can use the networking App to expand their communities or connections.

This can be easily achieved using job listings, recruitment, business networks, and testimonials and endorsements.

Social proofs from recommendations provide vital insights that can be used to make various persons and business decisions.

For business people looking to drive sales, Linked-In recommendations obtained from clients can help build lasting business credibility.

Here are five steps of requesting a recommendation as highlighted on HubSpot:

1. Craft A Message And Intent

The first thing you need to do when asking for a recommendation is to identify what you want to achieve at the end of your engagement.

Because recommendations serve a different purpose, a different tack should be used based on when you are looking for new clients for your business, a career change, or a new job.

In the first instance, a business can attract new clients by getting recommendations from satisfied customers.

If you are searching for a job, a recommendation from an immediate supervisor, approving of your work can easily endear you to a new recruiter.

2. Identify The Recommendation Target

To get the right person to recommend you, use the following effective social media marketing tips:

  • Get someone you have worked with for at least six months
  • Have someone with a shared job or industry experience
  • Look for an individual who has benefited from your work
  • The person should be a good writer and see you in a positive light

3. Pick 3 Topics That Would Interest The Contacted Party

When thinking about the topics, it is crucial to look beyond the less effective, generic line of thought.

A great recommendation should be specific enough to prompt the target to pick you. You can get what you want by asking inquisitive questions in a gentle demeanor.

It also helps to provide a length guideline as a clever strategy to control the message and expectations.

4. Provide Value

Before sending a request for a recommendation, try as much as possible to find something of value to give back. This can be anything from sharing interesting research, blog post, or invitation to a Webinar.

If you don't know where to start, ask the contact what would interest them.

5. Send A Request

The last step is sending the request to the contact. You can either use the social media network or email to do this.

If you are using the networking site, use the following steps to complete the process:

  • Go to the target's page
  • Click "More" underneath the profile picture and select "Request a Recommendation."
  • Choose the type of relationship you want to have with the recommender and remember to state your position at the time of the engagement.
  • Write a short note to the recommender and submit the request.


Creating a robust outline on the networking site will get you the attention you need from colleagues, recruiters, HR managers, and other target groups.

Crafting an image of someone who is intelligent and well-versed in your areas of expertise is highly recommended when marketing your skills.

The language you use to market yourself should also be courteous and professional.

The importance of recommendations cannot be overemphasized because humans at all levels of engagement make decisions based on social proofs.

According to The Muse, you can attract relevant recommendations by picking people more thoughtfully based on their skills, experience, and personal attributes.

The recommendations should support your skills and professional brand to achieve the desired outcome. Also, remember to keep a lid on the number of people you can contact at any given time.

Asking way too many people in your network for recommendation smacks of a poorly planned strategy that may backfire on you.

Recruiters will easily spot this by looking at the succeeding dates following the requests.

Learning to attract recommendations organically should always be encouraged since it's natural and builds trust.

The other strategy is going to your Linked-In outline and selecting the "View Profile As" button to ask other parties for a recommendation.