How to Create a LinkedIn Profile That Gets More Connections & Sales

Have you ever looked at your LinkedIn profile and wondered how to create a LinkedIn profile to get more leads?

Then, you look at your profile and you think something totally different.

Your brain says… "Wow, my LinkedIn profile looks really unprofessional. Actually, I think it kind of sucks."

Well… Now there’s something you can do about your almost non-existent LinkedIn profile with no stress.

If you’re feeling insecure about your Linkedin profile, there’s a simple solution.

Create Your LinkedIn profile— The Easy Way

Even if you’ve seen other salespeople, business owners, and coaches who look like pros...

Even if you don't have a LinkedIn cover photo...

And you have no idea what to put in the headline...

Help is here!

If you're not getting the leads you want on Linkedin…

Your Linkedin profile probably needs a complete overhaul. If you're not social networking savvy… don't worry!

In this article, we're going to cover some essential Linkedin tips and answer some questions.

  • Why do you need a Linkedin profile?
  • How can I get a professional headshot (if you can't hire a photographer)?
  • Shortcut tips to have a professional, attention-grabbing LinkedIn banner image, and how to create a headline that gets eyeballs checking out the rest of your profile.

How Do I Create A LinkedIn Profile In 2020?

The cool thing is Linkedin isn't really that hard— that is, if you have the right tools. And I’ve got a free one for you right here

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Let's start off with the LinkedIn basics.

What Is LinkedIn, And Why Do I Need It?

LinkedIn is a full-stack social networking platform for business professionals. It has over 500,000 members online.

Many of these professional business people could be in your LinkedIn Network.

Just imagine if you only connected with 1% of Linkedin's members.

This small number could make a massive difference in your business life— which in turn affects your personal life too.

But before you connect with any bigwigs on LinkedIn, you'll want to impress them first with a banging LinkedIn profile.

First impressions matter on LinkedIn.

According to James Uleman, Ph.D. at the American Psychological Association’s website,  “You don't get a second chance to make a first impression."

And nobody needs a doctoral degree to understand that.

People are always judging other people. Judgment happens. Especially when it comes to hiring someone.

If you have a potential employer checking you out— you've got to look (and be) professional.

You might not want to admit it but we know that judgments can happen in less than one second. That's true for you and everyone else.

So, when you're on LinkedIn, you want to show people in the business world that you are serious.

Your LinkedIn Profile Matters… A Lot

If you're a freelancer or you're looking for a job with a company— you better look good. In fact, to make an outstanding first impression— you need to look great online.

Not just you— but your entire profile.

And I don't mean you have to be a 10 in the looks department… but the one thing your profile can't live without is a 10 out of 10 professional Linkedin headshot.

This is the first thing people will notice. Because our eyes are drawn to faces.

Linkedin Headshot Dos

You don't have to hire a professional photographer. But it's not a bad idea.

You can easily search Google, Facebook, or Yelp to find photographers in your area.

These are all excellent places to look because you can check out reviews from previous clients.

Get recommendations from friends, because all photographers are not alike.

Also, if you're in a local business networking group, you can ask around your social network in your area and get recommendations for a photographer.

However, if you want to save some cash, it's easy to do a pretty good headshot on your own for your LinkedIn profile.

You just need a few things.

How To Take Professional LinkedIn Headshots - For Free

  • Grab a friend (or a tripod with a timer)
  • Have good lighting (natural lighting also works)
  • Use your smartphone or a camera (yours or borrow one)
  • Have a simple background (A white wall works great!)
  • Dress professionally for your audience
  • Include only yourself in the photo (no kids or dogs needed)
  • Look directly into the camera— stick your neck out a little bit. I know it sounds weird— but that's what the pros do
  • Don't be afraid to smile.

Take lots of images and pick out your favorite.

In your LinkedIn profile, you can easily click the little pencil on the top right of your profile To add your LinkedIn headshot. Simple, right?

Next step you’ll need to focus on...

Create A LinkedIn Banner For Your Profile

A LinkedIn profile banner needs to focus on three things

  1. Your customer
  2. Your brand
  3. What you offer to your customer


If you have a logo or color scheme, it's a good idea to keep the colors, fonts, and images that have your brand on point in your LinkedIn profile cover photo.


Your LinkedIn banner will show up best at 1584 x 396 pixels.

Tools To Use:

If you're not handy with Photoshop, You can create your own using Adobe Spark, Canva, Fotor, or you can hire a freelancer.

Customer Focus:

When you create your LinkedIn banner image, focus on the benefits your potential customers.

Have a professional headshot and cover photo on LinkedIn.

Not only should it look good, but all of the focus shouldn'y be on you.

Highlight what you can do for your Potential Prospects.

How To Write A Linkedin Headline

When creating a Headline for your banner image or headline on Linkedin, keep things simple.

  1. Speak in simple terms
  2. Focus on the customer
  3. Highlight your skills

Notice how my background image is simple.

It says, "I help companies build their online presence."

That one sentence says a lot.

The social media logos show potential connections that my specialty is in social media. And I can help them and get seen In the Online Marketplace.

LinkedIn Banner Image Design

Make sure you keep important things to the center and the right side of the image.


Because if you have words or images on the left side, they can get stuck behind your profile image.

You want to make sure you can see all of the critical wordings and graphics on your LinkedIn banner image.

That’s all we’re going to cover today, and make sure you download the Ultimate LinkedIn Cheatsheet if you haven’t already!