How to Be a Guest on a Podcast

Uncategorized Jul 27, 2020

The number of podcasts has grown to over 700,000, and according to Podcast statistics, 26% of Americans listen to a podcast at least once a month. There is so much exceptional content out there that the number of podcast listeners is growing by the day.  

To drive community engagement and ultimately profit, you should seriously consider factoring in podcasts into your content marketing efforts. Appearing as a guest on an already popular podcast is the best way to achieve this.

Why do you want to be a guest on a podcast?

Appearing on podcasts as a guest is a very effective way of getting your message out to your target audience for free. It puts you in front of an entirely new engaged audience. To appear on a podcast as a guest, you can either wait for podcast hosts to contact you, or you can proactively promote yourself to them for an invite.

Before you commit yourself to appear as a guest on a podcast, you should first consider your motivation. There are several reasons why being a guest on a podcast is a good idea. They include:

  • Reaching a new audience in your target market.
  • Attracting new listeners to your podcast
  • Promoting your brand
  • Networking with key figures in the industry
  • Driving authoritative backlinks to your website

Knowing your key motivation from the onset gives direction to your search for the perfect podcasts to appear on.  

Find relevant podcasts

Podcasts are diverse. There is a podcast for almost every area of expertise. You need to find podcasts that are discussing topics that are relevant to your business. Here are some of the different approaches that you can take:

Podcast networking platforms

The easiest way to book podcast guest slots is by using podcast networking platforms. These platforms, like MatchMaker, match podcasters with ideal guests. You simply need to create a profile, search the database for suitable podcasts, and apply.

Use podcast directories

To find the relevant shows and identify potential top-tier guest slots, you can also search on podcast directories. Limit your search to major directories like Stitcher, Apple Podcasts, and Spotify.  

Search for top podcasts in your industry

Use search engines like Google to identify the top podcasts in your industry. This will give you a list of podcasts that you can appear on. Make a list of those you find interesting and start vetting them

Find a media doppelganger

A “media doppelganger” is someone whose appearances you can replicate. This is someone who is in the same area of expertise as you and who has tackled similar topics to the ones you are interested in. Go to their website and social media to find out which podcasts they’ve appeared on. This will give you insight into which podcast hosts are interested in your topic.

Quality Check Prospective Podcasts

Once you’ve made a podcast wish list, you need to perform a quality check to narrow your focus on only the podcasts that will help you achieve your goals. Here are some basic checks that you can perform before you start pitching hosts.

Be a fan

Before appearing as a guest on a podcast, you must familiarize yourself with the content, rhythm, and configuration of the podcast. To be an effective podcast guest, you must relate to its listeners and have great enthusiasm and knowledge of the content. If you are not a longtime listener, you must get at least several full episodes of the show.  

Learn about the fans

Understand the podcast’s audience by learning what motivates them to listen and what they don’t like. Read the reviews and feedback on the show’s website, blog, and social media platforms. Understand how you can engage with them. 

Create the perfect pitch

After you’ve narrowed your focus to a few suitable podcasts, you must now convince the hosts to invite you to their show. Hosts are always receiving requests from potential guests, so if you are to stand out, you must craft the perfect pitch.

The perfect pitch should be bright and brief. It should show your personality and provide context to your request. An effective structure includes a couple of sentences that establish your credibility, expertise, and value you bring to the show. 


Follow up

Popular podcasters will have an inbox flooded with guest pitches, so do not take it personally if you do not get a response. Send short follow up messages at a reasonable regularity.    

Prepare for and make the best of the interview.

You only have one chance to impress the host and audience, so do not be tempted to “wing it.” You must be well prepared to deliver engaging content and make the most out of your podcast appearance. Here are a few tips on how you can be the best guest on a podcast.

Pay attention to consistent structure and segments.

Most podcasts generally follow the same pattern every time. For example, some start or end the show with the same questions. Learn the structure and familiarize yourself with consistent segments so that you can prepare your talking points accordingly. 

Engage with the host

To have an engaging back-and-forth conversation that keeps the audience entertained, establish a rapport with the host. Finding a parallel between your expertise and theirs is the surest way to engage your host. Use the host’s name and avoid being unnecessarily confrontational.   

Tell good stories

Audiences find narratives to be more engaging than question and answer segments. Prepare yourself with talking points and relevant stories that you can unfurl at any time to better pass your message across. Don’t ramble. Make your answers concise and interesting. 

Promote yourself

Use the opportunity to promote yourself. When given a chance, tell the audience about your work and how they can benefit from it. Offer freebies to encourage listeners to visit your website, follow you on social media, and subscribe to your podcast.

Have the best audio set-up

Perform a practice run before the show to make sure that your equipment is set upright. Use quality of a microphone and headphones for optimum sound quality.

Follow up and give back.

Thank the host for allowing you on their show and offer to promote the show on your platform.


Podcast audiences may not be as many as Facebook users, but their loyalty is supreme. This is because podcasts are incredibly engaging since they give the audience a very interactive experience. They are a perfect blend of valuable information, entertainment, and light-hearted banter. This makes them a very useful medium for listeners and businesses alike. 


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