How Recruiters Can Use LinkedIn to Be More Successful Online

The world of job recruiting has evolved over time.

In the past, recruiting has been limited by money, resources, and competition.

These days are rapidly disappearing, and innovation is setting in. The introduction of social networks has added unlimited possibilities to companies everywhere.

Employers are now using social networks to identify the most qualified job candidates.

One of the top websites that can be used by companies to find top candidates worldwide is LinkedIn.

This social media platform that is geared to professionals and businesses. It enables you to build your professional portfolio and network.

Not only does it allow you to create your personal connections, but you can also search for jobs on the platform.

The platform can also be used by an employer who is looking for job candidates.

The following tips will be useful to use the platform effectively.

Create A Profile

The first step to finding the right candidate on this platform is to create a company profile.

This profile is your introduction to every person that comes across your page. Your profile should be professional and include a brief description of the work you do.

Companies that have active and engaging profiles are more likely to attract candidates.

An active profile is one that includes routine posts, relevant content, and engagement with their network.

Your profile should consist of career opportunities and instructions on how to apply. It is a good idea for your website to be connected to your profile.

Post Jobs

Once your company profile is complete, you can add job postings to the platform.

By posting a job, you can attract the right candidates. The site will present you with qualified job seekers.

A great feature is that applicants can apply directly to your job post through the website, which eliminates hundreds of emails in your inbox.

Actively Search For Candidates

You can use keywords to actively search for candidates that meet the qualities of your staffing needs.

The search can be as narrow or broad as you need it to be. An excellent way to search is by using keywords in your job posting.

For example, if you are looking for a software developer in New York City, you may narrow down your search with these keywords.

Make sure that your company is easily accessible on the platform. Consider using keywords throughout your profile also to attract candidates.

Participate In Groups & Post Updates

Share relevant content with your network. Posting content that can be useful to users will attract more attention to your company.

If you are a healthcare business, talk about what is currently going on in the medical field.

Stay relevant to users by making your presence known in a memorable way. Groups are another path to connect with potential candidates.

You can source candidates in groups and post your open position (if allowed) in groups. Groups are an excellent way to find niche-specific candidates.

LinkedIn InMail

InMail is equivalent to sending a recruiter email to someone. You are allotted a small number of InMail messages per month.

You can only have unlimited access to InMail if you have a premium plan or by purchasing more than your monthly allowance.

The great thing about InMail messages is that they are sent directly to a user even if you are not connected to them.

After performing direct searches for candidates, you can send them an InMail message to see if they are interested in your job posting.

Be sure to formulate your message by giving a short introduction to the position. Also, encourage them to share the job opportunity with their network.

This will help increase your chances of connecting with more candidates.

LinkedIn Premium

The LinkedIn premium account allows you more access to features. There are three different levels of premium account options.

Each level caters to different goals and the specific needs of the user.

The premium account features include InMail, access to more profiles in your search, premium search filters, expanded profile views, analytics about your profile, and the profile organizer.

One of the best features for employers is the “get introduced” feature. This feature gives you the opportunity when you visit a profile to click a link to get introduced through a connection.

There are different membership levels available with the premium plan; they include:

  • Premium Career - best suited for job seekers
  • Premium Business - best suited for marketers and entrepreneurs
  • Sales Navigator - best suited for marketers, salespeople, and entrepreneurs
  • Recruiter lite - best Suited for businesses or companies seeking to hire a lot of employees.

Recruiter Lite

This plan is part of the top tier of the premium plans and provides you the tools to meet your staffing needs. This plan will help you find the right candidate faster.

It expands your searches beyond your personal connections, giving you access to more people.

This plan will provide you with access to over 500 million users. Search filters are included in this premium plan.

The search filters will speed up the search process and add more accurate recommendations.

An excellent feature of this plan is that it lets you create a search based on your ideal candidate. This is called the “find more people like” feature.

Unlike the basic and lower premium plans, with this plan, you can directly contact any candidate via InMail.

Save time by creating a custom template to send out job blasts to members. When you contact users through InMail, you receive higher response rates.

Consider using this plan to manage your talent pipeline. You can build, track, and manage candidates that you want to hire with folders, to-do lists, and reminders.

You can add applicant notes and keep a pool of candidates handy for when you need them.

Limit Aggressive Recruiting

When having access to over a million candidates, it can be tempting to want to connect with everyone. This is not an effective approach.

Do your due diligence and perform initial research. Here are a few questions to consider before contacting a potential candidate:

  • Is the candidate currently looking for a job?
  • Does the candidate meet the minimum qualifications for the position?
  • Does the candidate live in the area where the job is located?
  • Does the candidate pass experience align with your needs?

At least 3 out of the 4 questions listed above should be valid before pursuing a candidate.

Intentional searching is vital and will prove to be beneficial when looking for the right candidate.

As a recruiter, the LinkedIn platform can connect you to a great candidate pool.

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