Sales People Have a Massive Advantage Using LinkedIn for Their Career?

You probably haven’t thought about this...

But, LinkedIn is probably one of the most important tools that can help you further your career.

You might be wondering something like, “How is that even possible? And why is that even possible?”

The reason is a lot of people, especially business owners and recruiters, review your LinkedIn profile when looking around for a potential hire.

Because of this, you can use your LinkedIn profile to show off what you’re doing as a salesperson as well as how you’re conducting your business.

This opportunity makes you more fortunate than most...

Showing that not only can you responsibly manage your income, but ultimately demonstrate how successful you are at making a product or subscription sale time and time again.  

But we came here to talk about how to further your sales career and how LinkedIn can help.

Luckily, you're much more fortunate than most people since many don’t understand how important LinkedIn can be.

Because of that, the competition you would normally have has been greatly reduced.

This increases your chances tremendously in just about every way. Congratulations!

Also, by taking the time to connect with both your current and potential prospects on LinkedIn, you can create a tremendous network of people that know you personally or know of you already.

This may sound odd or unnecessary to you, but it is an invaluable resource.

You see, people prefer to buy from people they like.

And if you were a good salesperson, capable of keeping a positive relationship with your customers, then you’ve now shown your worth to both companies and the consumers.

This worth is reviewed by people within your network and beyond.

And it can lead to someone searching for a new hire who is exactly like you.

But it's even better because, by the time they contact you, your LinkedIn profile has convinced them you are the perfect hire based on your expertise and experience.

Companies are looking to hire successful sales personnel.

Even if they came from a different sales company, this is commonplace in sales because people want to be able to sell new things.

Ithelps the growth of not only the salesperson, but the company as well by bringing in fresh eyes and sending experienced minds out to nurture other companies.

In addition, a transferring salesperson will often find better incentives after transferring from one company to another based on prior experiences.

Another unique advantage of connecting with potential prospects and building a vast network, is being able to connect your network of people with your social media accounts.

This helps to spread yourself even further, attracting the attention of many people you might never be able to reach before.

Not only does this boost your potential sales,  it also elevates you to a different level of sales, unlike anything you've experienced before.

I’ve written multiple blogs going further into detail about this.

I encourage you to review them yourself if you have any questions or interests.

You may be an individual who is already making different kinds of content, and if that's you - amazing!

Chances are, you’ve already come to this conclusion yourself.

If so, then you're already on the fast track to creating quality content better than anyone else. Congratulations!

But if you haven’t dived into all that yet and want to know more about how this blog could help you build your career, then let’s get right into it.

You’ve already cut out all the excess competition you would’ve had and taken strides ahead of most potential candidates striving for the same positions as you are.

Along with that...

Recruiters on LinkedIn relish finding other salespeople on LinkedIn.

Not only to connect with them but to also expand their hiring network for potential candidates.

You can showcase your accomplishments on social media.

Still, by taking the time to build your LinkedIn profile, you will immediately build both credibility and connections with past and present clients.

You can also demonstrate how effectively and efficiently you’ve achieved your current and past sales-related goals.

I love seeing other people exceed their quota or fall just short as part of their success story as long as keep working towards that goal and never give up.

Success needs to be measured for the observer and the goal-setter.

Otherwise, you’ll be stuck like a fish out of water with nothing to support you through the rough times, nor anything to convince a recruiter that you are the ideal fit for their team.

Setting a high goal may seem unreasonable or even scary at first.

But with a change of perspective, you can instead see how it allows you to go all-out towards a goal.

And you can feel content, even if you fall short in the end, because of the progress you made in your effort to get there.                                                                                                                            

When on LinkedIn, it is a must to display your goals, both long-term and short-term.

I personally love how Grant Cardone hypes up his sales team with compliments and praises for their work during his team meetings.

You should do the same with your LinkedIn profile. List some notable praises from previous employers, and any achievements you have on your LinkedIn profile under your previous employment category.

This helps by giving keywords to recruiters looking for new hires. It also helps working within in the algorithm of LinkedIn, which could lead to even more potential jobs.

When it comes to your career, LinkedIn is the ideal place for you to humbly brag.

Take your time to show the world what you have to offer.

Make sure you mention any promotions you’ve gained or are receiving.

Recruiters love to see capable people who never stop achieving and growing themselves.

Keep in mind that there are certain “buzz words” in your industry that recruiters are looking for.

And who knows... maybe you have some experiences that will land you a dream job.