How To Get Paid On Instagram [Increase Your Revenue With These Action Steps]

You might think the headline of this article is clickbait. I don’t blame you.

Usually, pieces of this ilk try to sell you a “How to get paid on Instagram” course.

And these courses teach you how to create a Course on how to get paid on Instagram.

Despite the noise, Instagram continues to be a solid social media profile to grow your brand, expand your sales, and get paid.

And to prove that... here are some reliable data to back up that claim:

  • According to TechCrunch, Instagram passed over 1 billion active users, with 500 million active users daily. Close to 35% of these users are between 25 and 34 years old.
  • There’s still room to grow on Instagram. The platform should increase by 5.4% in 2020 and a further 10% by 2023.
  • Ninety percent of Instagram accounts follow at least one business account.
  • An Instagram survey revealed that 80% of users decide on purchasing products and services with Instagram.
  • More than 200 million Instagram users visit Business accounts daily.

With a little work, you’ll be in a dominant position to leverage this platform and get paid. Instagram can help increase the revenue of any product or service business. Some of the biggest companies and brands use Instagram to earn new leads and purchases. With hundreds of millions of active users, your ideal customers are on the platform.

For instance, real estate agents make million-dollar deals just through Instagram. Instagram sits at the top of your sales process. It can even be used for the middle and bottom of the funnel. Here are the steps to take to start getting paid on Instagram:

Simplify Your Message And Branding

Instagram is a great platform to grow your influence, but you can’t confuse your potential customers. You should already have a clear customer avatar. From there, the content you share should target the interest and desires of your ideal customer.

Make sure to keep brand colors and delivery on brand. More importantly, don’t confuse your customer by sharing a mess of content for the sake of quantity. A small account with curated content can make more money than a large account posting at random. Decide on your messaging, plan out your content, and stick to your brand voice and image.

Instagram Is Eye Candy

Speaking of image, at its core, Instagram is a photo-sharing app. That means brands should make sure the content is visually appealing. Invest in a high-quality camera and lights to take great photos. High-quality photos attract more likes, comments, and requests for more information. A great picture can spark a conversation that can increase your revenue.

Don’t Be Afraid To Use Video

With video uploads, Instagram Live, video chat, and Instagram TV, the platform provide different ways to display content. Video is a free way to showcase how your product or service works. You can curate video, show testimonials, and give customers behind-the curtain-access. Make videos part of your Instagram strategy, which can help funnel potential customers to pay for your services.

Add Excellent Copy With A Call To Action

Video and pictures alone are not enough to get paid. The caption on each post is an excellent opportunity to explain your product and encourage customers to buy. Using copywriting, which is sales in print, you can strengthen the viewer’s emotion and help them to make a purchase now. Entrepreneur Dan Lok uses images and long copy to convert his followers into buyers.

Notice how the copy falls into 1 or 2 lines. Lok does this for two reasons. With the content spaced out, it makes the content more readable, increasing the chances of the follower reading the content. The second reason builds the follower’s trust and confidence in your brand. The longer they stay on your account, the higher the chances of doing business with you. At the end of the content is a Call To Action. A call to action is your way of giving the viewer and reader instructions on what to do next. On the image above, the next step is to “click the link in my bio.”

Use Your Bio To Get Paid

Since Instagram does not allow direct links in posts, you need to find another way to send customers to your products. The business account bio is a perfect place to drop a link for your product and service. Use the bio to link to a landing page, sales page, or product.

The bio is a great place to use a few lines about your product to encourage immediate purchase. Social media manager E-Clincher lets you know what you can get from their product:

If you can explain what your product does in a few words, your brand can be what the potential customer needs.

Use Instagram Stories To Allow People To Take Action

More than 500 million people use Instagram Stories every day, with nine times more searches for Instagram stories than any other similar platform. Instagram Stories let users share content in a slideshow format.

Add videos and pictures to increase your reach and show your versatility on Instagram. Stories also allow you to add Call To Action links, helping customers to purchase more. Make sure to add Stories to your Content Marketing plans.

Start Running Ads Based On Data

To make money, it won’t hurt to spend a little money. Instagram Ads are a great way to target your ideal customer and get them to make a purchase. More than 70% of followers take action on Instagram adds. While photos are quite useful, sponsored Instagram videos earn three times more engagement than photos. If you have the budget, invest in growing your revenue with a Marketing budget.

More Tips To Improve Your Chances Of Success

Any business can get paid using Instagram, and you don’t need thousands of followers. However, nothing comes easy. Here are some tips to increase your Instagram success:

  • Be focused: Make sure to lock in on one message and your brand.
  • Be disciplined: Create a posting schedule and make sure you stick to it.
  • Always be testing: Check your stats to see what works and what doesn’t.
  • Rely on systems to improve your chances of success.
  • Have a Content Calendar to stay organized.
  • Get coaching and support to help you grow your followers and revenue options.

Final Thoughts

Instagram is a great platform to make more money. If you want to get paid on Instagram, position your products and services in a way that was easy for followers to see your content, and take action.

Don’t be afraid to use video; more importantly, promote your services. With consistency, you’ll add more to your bottom line.

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