How To Conquer Your Fear Of Publishing On Linkedin

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When it comes to social media, there are few other powerful platforms like Linkedin. Particularly if you own a business, you can find your ideal clients, earn more sales, and grow your business. With 30 million companies on Linkedin, you can connect directly with the best in the game with increased engagement. Furthermore, 4 of 5 company decision-makers are on Linkedin, which means a bigger bang for your buck.


Since Linkedin has become a hybrid social network, you need to create the right mix of blog posts, videos, and long-form posts to provide value and make powerful connections. However, posting on social media platforms like Linkedin is a common fear of most. Because so many of us have this fear, others capitalize and grow while we get left behind. Why is this?  

The concerns are varied. I’ll quickly cover the common ones and then jump into some ways to overcome your fear of posting. 

What will people think about me? 

Most fear of posting on social media comes from valuing other’s opinions highly. Maybe they will think you’re ugly, you look awkward, or will laugh at you if you mess up. Everyone likes memes, but they don’t ever want to become one! This is a common, rational fear. However, even if you do well, people will say something. If you look at under popular posts on every social media platform, for every 100 good comments, there are 10 nasty ones. It comes with the territory. We’re not trying to reach the trolls. We’re trying to reach those we can serve. Focus on those people and forget the naysayers.

I don’t really know what to say! 

This is a good place to start because you care enough about the content more than the optics. The fact is, everyone has something they can teach. Even if someone else has said or done it before, they cannot do it or say it as you can. Think about the parts of your business and service that you are really passionate about. Start with that feeling of passion and share ideas, stories, and tips, the same way you would want to share them with your parents or loved ones.

I don’t want to look “too salesy.”

I know the feeling. Some social media influencers constantly sell and can even come off as disingenuous. You don’t need to be that person—post on LinkedIn to give a little bit first. The more you give, the more people will want. Soon, you’ll have no choice but to sell them something because it’s your duty. Don’t sell without giving first.

Would anyone really care?

Would everyone care? Of course not. Would anyone care? Absolutely! There are people out there who need the help your content provides. The problem is that new content creators feel that a groundswell of feedback means they are doing something well. For now, you should focus on reaching just one person at a time. Speak and write like you’re reaching out to one person, and that one person will find your content. Soon, one will turn into two, then into three, and so on. That’s how you build a tribe in social media and real life. 

I’m not an expert!

Tying this concern into the previous one, you absolutely don’t need to be an expert in what you do. The content and knowledge you possess are far ahead of many. There are hundreds of people who are just starting and want to be where you are in business, products, or services. Don’t pressure yourself to be an expert by comparing yourself to the persons ahead of you in your field. Focus on helping those that are behind. 

Start small (with the most difficult one of all)

Now that we’ve addressed those concerns, these tips can help you get started and conquer your fear once and for all. The best way to get off the sidelines and into the game is to start! Start small—just one post on LinkedIn. However, to get the best out of it, your first post should be a video. Most people have a fear of being on camera, not writing blog posts or status updates. Start with one video post, no more than 60 seconds, sharing one content nugget. Notice how you feel after you hit publish. What it that bad? Keep posting a 60-second clip every day for one week. That will give you the confidence to create almost any form of content on LinkedIn going forward.

Let people know you’re nervous.

It’s ok the be nervous. Getting out of our comfort zones and starting something new will scare anyone. Leverage that feeling. Share it with your audience. Let them know you’re nervous and why you’re nervous. Chances are, you’ll get encouraging words, which will inspire you to do more in the future. Lean on your vulnerability.  

Timing is everything

When we’re starting something new, it takes a lot of brainpower and energy to build up the courage to make the first step. That’s why your timing is everything. Create your first posts when you have lots of energy, preferably when you’ve just woken up in the morning. You’ll have the privacy and zeal to get your first pieces of content completed. With that energy, you can even create several small pieces of content and schedule them out. Social media does not necessarily have to be a daily occurrence. 

Show up consistently

Although you don’t have to be posting daily content, you should be consistent. Consistency helps in a few ways. It helps keep you accountable for growing your social media presence and business. Showing up also helps disarm the fear of posting on Linkedin. Finally, you being to build trust as someone who does what they say, which can take you business places. Commit to at least one day in the week to create and publish your content. 

Get an accountability coach or partner.

Sometimes, we need someone to help keep us honest or encourage us when we’re doing something new and scary. Getting a coach or accountability partner will make sure we do what and when we say we’re going to do it. And if it’s someone else with the same fear, you can encourage each other to publish. 

It’s not as bad as you think!

When you follow these steps, you’ll realize it’s actually fun and valuable to show up and post on LinkedIn, or social media, for that matter. Whether you’d like to admit, everyone is on social media. And if you want to be successful in whatever you’re doing, you need to be there too. 


With consistent content, you’ll find that most people on social media look forward to valuable content and will continue to encourage you. With any new venture, all you need to do is show up. Don’t try to be perfect. Do the best you can with the tools at your disposal.


I’ll admit that showing up and posting online can be exhausting. Even with practice, it might not get easier. But you will get better. 


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