Do You Need a Website for Your Podcast? Is It Necessary For Growth?

By now if you already have a podcast you know podcasting is a lot more than pulling up a chair and speaking into a microphone.

As your podcast grows you might be wondering if creating and maintaining a website is important to podcasting. Perhaps you think because it's audio it's good enough and you don’t need a website.


Archiving Old Episodes

Since you have been creating content from your first podcast to the current, it’s likely the audience has grown and changed as well.

Yes, you will have listeners who will listen to all your episodes when they go live, but you’re also going to gain some new followers … and they will want to know more about you and your podcast.

This is where archiving old episodes on your website comes in; it’s a good way for new subscribers to discover content that interests and helps them. Make it quickly searchable, and you’ll have a new group of listeners that have found episodes from start to finish.

Reusing Podcasts

A podcast episode can also be turned into many other forms of content. Use your niche to write a blog post, an eBook, a content upgrade, or even make a YouTube video and more.

These options offer listeners greater access to the information you share in other ways besides podcasts and could increase visibility.

Engage More with Your Listeners

If you only publish your show to iTunes and don’t share the podcast on a website, you’ll miss out on big opportunities.

For instance, being aware of who is tuning into you, and how to contact them, can expand your reach and grow the podcast to even greater heights.

By having a website for your podcast, you’ll get their email addresses, and will be able to send those followers messages to keep them abreast of your podcast.

Additionally,  you can utilize things like comments, surveys, and more on your website to learn feedback from listeners.

All of this helps build a community of folks who are interested in learning what you have to say and they will feel as if they are a part of your podcast. They will return repeatedly since they feel included.

Make It Simple for Listeners

While many people access podcasts through iTunes, not everyone does. By creating and offering a website may help you to not alienate possible new, as well as regular fans from your overall content.

A post on a website is another simple way for listeners to share through their websites and social media channels.

Search Engine Optimization

If you utilize  SEO principles on your podcast website, listeners can find you through search engines they use like Google, Yahoo, etc.

When people hunt for topics that you’ve talked about on your podcast, Google will find you if you have a website with written succinct content. It won’t search for audible content on iTunes.

Promote Your Products

Are you trying to sell products on your podcast?

Why not utilize your podcast website to attract more people? Send them to your website for special offers from affiliates, promote your products, and more.

A website makes it easy for others to share whatever you’re promoting to their friends, colleagues, etc.

If you want to be a serious and successful podcaster you should seriously consider doing a podcast website. It can be an important arsenal in your podcasting toolbox and another way to connect with your audience.