Do You Need a Social Media Coach? The Answer Might Surprise You

So, you have decided you are ready to climb the social media mountain and use it to your full advantage for social selling your idea, goods, or services online.

Not only are you ready to showcase what you have via the many platforms available to you, but you want to start ASAP.

Good for you, but you might be asking how? Consider hiring a social media coach to turn you into a ninja warrior while navigating the next steps of social selling on such popular sites as LinkedIn.  

Why You Should Be On LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a customer-service based platform founded in 2002 and is used by millions of professionals daily. It's considered to be the world's largest networking community online that can help promote your brand and offer instant communication with customers.  

It is the new way to network without having to leave your home for the local mixer at your town's city hall.

When you are indeed ready to move forward, be sure you hire the appropriate social media coach for your needs.

They should be on top of their game and ready to help grow your digital media presence so you can reap the rewards of a successful social selling empire.

A Good Social Media Coach

Hiring a social media coach is perfect for someone who either lacks the knowledge, and diligence needed for the upkeep of a social media platform like LinkedIn on their own.

A social media coach could also be helpful to someone who needs a bit of initial handholding in the early stages of getting set up on LinkedIn.

A good social media coach should be able to consult, teach, and lead the way to a more prosperous business model so you can expand sooner vs. later.

After all, they are not called social media coaches for anything since this is the core of what they do; teach you how to become that ninja social selling warrior you yearn to be.  

Content Is Critical

One way to be successful in the world of social selling is to have the latest and greatest content on your LinkedIn page.

But if you have no clue about blogging, making videos, etc., a social media coach specializing in such topics can assist.

He or she should be able to instruct you on how to produce more content and build better sales, all while teaching you the ins and outs of ways to utilize platforms such as LinkedIn to your benefit.

Good Advice

According to Harrison Baron, who calls himself "The Millennial Entrepreneur," and who is a renowned social media coach: Building content does not have to be as hard as you think it is.

He says there are always opportunities to build content by just being alert to your surroundings. Look for ideas as you go about your day, things you encounter that relate to your brand, and what you are trying to relay to clients.

Baron has taught such things as the importance of developing top content through his training course on how to use LinkedIn to everyone from individuals to large companies.

Develop Content People Want To Read

As someone who is considering hiring a social media coach to teach you how to write eye-catching content, it's imperative to realize social media is the new way people buy and sell.

Creating content is not only critical, but it also needs to be exceptional, as well as constant and relevant.

"Making good content and getting good ideas, especially in the B2B world is difficult," he said.

"The benefits of being on such a platform as LinkedIn is endless if you are serious about becoming successful online and social selling.

An expert social media coach is vital in the beginning in terms of helping you create great content that people want to read, not just skip over."

A Top Marketing Tool

Choosing LinkedIn as your platform and or social media place of choice plays an integral part in interacting with clients and potential clients.

It's can also be a wonderful great marketing weapon in any business, or entrepreneur's or salesperson's arsenal.

When you create a LinkedIn profile, it offers you the ability to add your photo, list previous experience, jobs, education, connections, and so much more.

Whether you are on top of your social media accounts or decide to hire a social media manager to do it for you, hiring a social media coach could be just what you need to send your social selling business into the next phase.

Social Media Isn't Just For Kids

And be rest assured social selling on social media platforms like LinkedIn is not just for the younger set today. Every generation from Baby Boomers to Gen Xers are represented.

Being visible with the service or product you are selling can result in numerous sales, connecting one-on-one with potential clients, as well as current clients, and interact with people you never thought possible.

Social Selling: Rewarding But Challenging

Be warned though, social selling may not be for everyone, but doing it via LinkedIn is an excellent choice.

However, a social media coach can help get you on track.

Social selling doesn't happen overnight, it may take one to three months, but if done right, it can be an incredible way of making money.

Working with a social media coach could make the difference between being successful or failing at what you're trying to do.

Think about it, years ago, companies did not have to compete the same way they do today.

Consumers did not have an easy way to gauge the reputation of a business or have instant contact with businesses unless they heard about it via word of mouth, through a friend or family member.

No Longer An Annoyance

Baron believes business owners, companies, and sales professionals should come to terms that social media is no longer an annoyance but something that is an integral part of marketing that should be added to everyone's overall business plan.

Bottom-line: Times have changed on how to attract and garner new clients and customers regardless of what you are trying to sell or buy, and to what audience.

Choosing to market yourself and your business through platforms such as LinkedIn could be the key to your success and a brighter business future.