Can You Schedule a Post on LinkedIn? What You Need to Know and More.

Can You Schedule A Post On LinkedIn?

You may have found yourself in a predicament because you have wanted to schedule out your posts on LinkedIn, but you can't because LinkedIn doesn't offer that functionality.

I have some good news, though; LinkedIn allows a bunch of different third-party apps that allow you to schedule posts for the future.

Why do you want to schedule posts for the future?

Creating content is time-consuming, and being able to share that content throughout a month requires lots of preparation, scheduling, and sometimes it is not always the top of mind.

Because of that, batching posts to schedule once a month or every other week gives you peace of mind and allows you to know it is going to be posted when you want.

This helps remove the feeling that you need to do it as well as knowing it all done.

The Biggest Perk Of scheduling With Third-Party Apps

There is one thing no one speaks about in any other blog, and it needs to be addressed.

Allowing a third-party app such as e-clincher to schedule your posts allows a couple of things.

First, it will allow you to schedule easily with lots of tools and features such as hashtag suggestions, image editing, and more.

The real perk, though, is allowing posts to go into a draft feature where they will not be scheduled to be published until a decision-maker double checks the work.

You may be asking, "why is this important?"

Some companies have an "image" they want to keep, and having one person oversee all posting and approve and disapprove posts can help keep that "image."

Some Third-Party Apps I Like

I have tried several apps that help you schedule, and I want to give you a brief overview of my favorite and least favorite apps and why.

  • My absolute favorite app – E-Clincher – Is the absolute best. It provides everything you want and more in a software for a reasonable price. All their plans are paid with the cheapest starting at $59 per month. If you're looking to publish and schedule to Facebook pages and groups, Twitter, Instagram business and personal, LinkedIn company pages and personal, YouTube, Pinterest, Google My Business, Yelp, Blogger, then this is the best option for you. It offers incredible flexibility, and out of the five different platforms I have used, this is simply the best.
  • My second favorite app – Buffer – In my opinion, Buffer is the little brother to E-clincher as it allows for similar functionality with fewer options, a cheaper starting price of $15 per month with a free option as well. There are limitations to this platform, but if you do not want to break the bank, it's your best option. You can post to these platforms. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn

Content Marketing On LinkedIn

Creating content is a large part of the battle, but distribution is the harder part. Scheduling posts in the future can make your life easier and can help streamline your content marketing.

Third-party apps can help you not only schedule your posts on LinkedIn, but you can also pick other apps to spread them to as well.

I know that may seem strange, but being able to share posts all at once or scheduling them across different platforms is going to help get the word out.

Remember, you want two things to happen.

First, you want people to share your article if they like it. The more eyeballs, the better.

The second is you want people to click through and visit your social or your website. This can help increase sales and conversions.

How Far Do Your Posts Go?

Let's look at some numbers.

LinkedIn has more than 575 million users, with new profiles being created at a rate of two per second.

To give you some perspective, if this article takes you 4 minutes to read, there were just 480 new profiles made.

When a new post is made, it has an average reach of about 10% of your connections. The more engagement you get on your post, the further and further your content can go.

LinkedIn has indicated that 11 million millennials are in decision-making positions. Along with that, LinkedIn has about 40% of monthly active users.

Why Is This Important?

Using a third-party app to publish to LinkedIn gives you tremendous flexibility and reach when you being to post actively.

Using software like e-clincher are extremely beneficial as they can help you pick relevant hashtags to help your content go further.

How to get the best reach possible when posting.

High-quality content gets rewarded. When posting, there are a couple of things you need to think about before you commit to posting regularly on LinkedIn.

Ask Yourself:

  • Does this post provide value?
  • Would my target market want to read it?
  • When is my audience active on social media?
  • If I am posting photos or videos are, they clear, concise, and well made?

This is going to help you produce better content and build better engagement to succeed on the platform.

If you have questions or comments, feel free to reach out or check out this article on how to build a following on LinkedIn.