5 Powerful Benefits Of LinkedIn Premium [Get 10X Your Sales Goals]

Are you getting the best out of Linkedin?

Sales are the lifeblood of any company. Like Shark Tank mogul, Mark Cuban, often says, “sales cures all.”

If you’ve turned LinkedIn for a much-needed shot in the arm, you’ve made an excellent choice. Linkedin is a social media platform catered to professional and business relationships.

By creating content and relationships on the platform, social selling using LinkedIn could help boost your sales figures.

But Are You Making The Most Of LinkedIn?

There’s another tier- LinkedIn Premium - that could give your sales a serious edge.

In this post, we’ll cover what is premium and how it can impact sales. With LinkedIn premium and massive action, you can add leads you won’t know what to do with.

In fact, using one tier of LinkedIn Premium - LinkedIn Sales Navigator - salespersons are 51% more likely to achieve quota.

Here are 5 benefits of linkedin premium that can give you the sales success you’ve been craving. But before we touch on these benefits…

What Is Linkedin Premium?

If you’ve been using LinkedIn to engage with persons in your industry, you may get a message in your InMail with a free trial offer like this:

Should you take up this offer?

Free LinkedIn plans allow users to connect, search, and message a limited number of connections monthly.

Have you been using content marketing to attract potential clients?

Then, these connections are not enough to ramp up your networking efforts. LinkedIn Premium opens up higher access levels. This gives you an advantage in your sales efforts.

How Much Does LinkedIn Premium Cost?

There are a few tiers depending on your needs:

  • Linkedin Premium Career:

Job hunters can pay $30/mth to access more direct messages, profile data, and connections to recruiters who view their profiles.

It’s the edge you need to land your dream job, especially in these difficult times.

  • LinkedIn Business:

Business owners looking to expand their reach should consider the $59.99/mth investment. For businesses looking to get more connections, the advanced filters and unlimited searches are useful.

  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator:

This is where we should consider investing since our focus is on Sales. For $79.99/mth, you get a platform to manage potential leads.

Sales Navigator includes an unlocked network search, and access the Career tier. You can even see 25 full profiles out of your network.

*Note: There is a 4th tier, LinkedIn Recruiter, for recruiters looking to hire top talent.

Here’s what you can expect from a Premium version, particularly Sales Navigator:

More Direct Communication With InMail

All premium versions give extra InMail credits. InMail allows users to send a direct message to someone, even if they are not connected.

This means you can start engaging with your ideal customer without an introduction. Premium gives you 20 (or more) messages per month.

InMail could be the start of adding real value to your potential client through building a relationship, then sharing content.

When that client is ready to buy, chances are they will come to you for help.

I talk about lead generation and content marketing in this video:

Be careful with these messages. The goal is not to spam people with your sales pitch. It allows you to connect and add value first. If LinkedIn realizes you are not adding value, they can ban your account.

Get Closer To Decision-Makers And Ideal Clients

Premium gives you expanded search access to find more of your ideal clients.

For example, if you’re selling Digital Marketing services, the CEO may not be your target. You’ll need to connect with a CMO or VP of Marketing, who has the budget and final say on purchasing your services.

Users can try advanced filters like State, company size, and even revenue. This saves time pursuing dead ends and gets higher-paying clients.

Receive Data To Make Better Decisions

Premium access allows users to see more persons who viewed their profile. This makes connecting and prospecting easier since the connection already showed interest.

Premium access opens you to the combined network of your business or company. Having access to a Premium account also increases your Social Selling Index. SSI is a Linkedin metric that measures your performance on the platform. The better the score, the better your ability to reach your sales goals.

Suggestions To Expand Your Teach

Once the Sales Navigator tool learns your preferences, it will start to send lead recommendations to your dashboard.

This opens up channels you may not have thought about while prospecting. That means no more running out of potential leads.

More leads mean more chances to close, increasing your sales goals success.

Manage Your Pipeline In The App

If you decide to try Sales Navigator, the dashboard and app allow you to manage your sales within the app. Users can create custom lists and notes for each profile.

Lists and notes help track the stage of each potential client.

You can even integrate apps like Salesforce to have leads and pipeline progress in one place.

Is Linkedin Premium Worth It?

Whether you're a job hunter, business, or sales maven, there are powerful benefits of linkedin premium.

Salespeople, in particular, can get more access to a platform. With more messages, tight search, more data, and recommendations, you can get more of your content in front of your ideal client.

LinkedIn also gives a free trial of all versions including Sales Navigator.

The Next Step To Reap The Benefits Of linkedin Premium

Getting a premium LinkedIn Sales account is an investment that can repay you tenfold. At the same time, you want to make sure you’re getting the best bang for your buck.

If you’d like to see how I:

  1. Earned new prospects through a successful selling profile.
  2. Set sales goals through Linkedin Premium.
  3. Implement strategies to find, engage and close new customers.

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Which of these benefits of LinkedIn Premium do you think can transform your business or sales?