Are You Podcasting? If Not, Here's Why You Should

Uncategorized May 23, 2020

You have heard the word “podcast” for years but are not entirely sure what it is and that is OK.

If you're not airing a podcast know that doing so can be an excellent way to market your brand and make some money at the same time. There are many reasons why you might want to consider creating your podcast shortly.

What Is It?

A podcast is simply an audio program, like a talk show on the radio but more hip. Instead of the old-fashioned way of doing a radio show in a studio, you subscribe to a podcast via your smartphone, computer, or personal digital device and it is usually free.

Essentially a podcast lets Internet users take audio files (typically MP3s) from a podcasting website and is focused on a topic or theme, like exercising or marketing your business. You can subscribe to a show with an app on your phone and listen to any episode whenever or wherever you choose.

Some people listen to podcasts on their way to work while others fall asleep listening to their favorite podcast or mediate to a daily podcast series midday. Podcasts options are endless and there is something for everyone.

But have you considered doing a podcast to reap the rewards of possibly attracting listeners far and wide?

Connect with Others

When people listen to their favorite podcasts, they feel connected and can learn, as well as enjoy what the podcaster has to say. Podcasting has become a popular way for people to relax and gain valuable information about any topic they might be interested in.

Podcasts are growing fast as an article published April 25, 2018, by FastCompany states there are more than 525,000 active shows and over 18.5 million episodes.

If you decide to start a podcast keep in mind it should be original content and something that you are interested in and can talk openly and passionately about to others. 


  • A podcast can be any length, from a 1-minute to a 3-hour in-depth interview.
  • A podcast can be daily, weekly, or monthly, or however often you choose.
  • A podcast can be any format, from a solo gig to a multi-person audio show.
  • Podcasts can cover any topic, many of which would never make it onto regular radio.

Whatever you are into and want to share with others is up to you and how you pull it all together will decide if it is successful.

Most podcasts are audio even though video podcasts are available, but the audio is the most widely used.

Where People Listen

One of the most common ways people are podcasting is by listening in the car, while at the gym, cutting the grass, or cooking a meal – basically anywhere.

Did you know 75 percent of the US population is familiar with the term “podcasting” – up from 70 percent in 2019 (Infinite Dial 2020)

When you listen to a podcast, you will discover that many of them sound familiar. You will have heard similar types of content over the years, from the radio or a TV talk show. On the flip side, you will also hear podcasts that are new and different from the typical due to the freedom podcasting allows.

The host or hosts will talk about that topic in every episode. Often, it is specific, like how to market yourself or body training, and other times it is more general, like how to be happier.

Types of Podcasts

A lot of podcasts are simple, maybe some friends talking about a topic they like including films, books, or creating a business. But some are very professional with theme music, sound effects, professional editing, and more.

The more professional podcasts are wonderful to listen to, but they take time and money to produce. The amateur shows might seem a little, well, amateurish, but this means they can create and get it out more often and grow a regular following.

Most people listen to both since the biggest attraction to most podcasts is the host or hosts, which ultimately, means you regularly listen to those topics and hosts that appeal to you.

Thanks to technology making podcasts have become easier and more accessible, than ever before. The basic equipment needed is your mind and a vision.

If you want to seriously think about creating a podcast, you will need to learn how to begin from scratch. Next time, we will cover how to do just that, create a podcast that could build your brand beyond your wildest dreams.


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