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Lead Generation for B2B. What should you be doing to generate sales?

leads Apr 29, 2021


Anyone can generate random leads. But how do you turn a random lead into a potential client? There are a few quick, efficient and affordable ways. But first, you need to answer the following questions about your business

  1. What is your demographic?
  2. How are you reaching your ideal customer?
  3. What’s your ROI on your current lead gen program?

After you’ve answered these questions, you’re ready to dive in. According to Marketing Insider Group, it’s all about personalizing your brand, social and content. We couldn’t agree more!

Here are the top ways to get quality leads generated for your B2b sales.


Content Marketing- is a form of “Free” marketing, based on creating and sharing information and videos with your target audience.  It can be any kind of activity you do that is to be focused on your demographic and isn't through the use of paid marketing. 

·         Videos - If your demographic is a younger audience, this is your platform.  YouTube will help you grow your brand with short clips, how-to’s, and informational videos. This large video platform is also owned by Google, so you can bet the SEO value on these videos is high.

·         Blogging- People love to read blogs.  They love to subscribe and get email updates while they commute or travel.  Pinterest was literally built as a search funnel for blogs.  Blog’s also help keep your site up to date and your SEO happy.  Build your subscribers, grow your following and educate you audience. Those followers will turn into customers in no time.

·         App development- Contain your brand information and your users all in one place with an app. This option keeps clients literally at the tip of your fingers. Everyone loves a one stop shop. Apps are the quickest and easiest way to increase sales and engagement.

·         Webinars- Educate your user or buyer by being a leader in your field. Present zooms or webinars on your products or services. Keep your customers and clients engaged and educated. Find other companies who want to learn about your brand and products, educate them and leave with new buyers.

  • Podcasting - Podcasts are everywhere; everyone is subscribing to them. Many people don’t even listen to music or read books anymore.  You can even set up a podcast playlist.  Podcasting can help you reach a wider audience, develop yourself as an authority and again, it’s a free way to keep your clients loyal to your brand.


Social Media Marketing - Social media is literally at the tip of your clientele’s finger tips.  The average person spends 144 minute a day scrolling social media.  There is no chance that if you’re posting on social media, your demographic isn’t seeing it.  Educate yourself on what’s popular in your field and learn your hashtags.  You’ll see your following increase in no time. Make sure you’re active and participating on the following platforms.

·         Facebook

·         Instagram

·         Linkdin

·         Twitter

·          Youtube


Keep social interaction high! Don’t let your pages go stagnant. Try to post once a day at least three times a week.  Research what’s popular to in your industry, use the days of the week hashtags (motivation Monday, Wine not Wednesday etc) Be active in your stories for optimal interaction. Post Polls and Questions, ask for reviews and give clients an opportunity to be featured for checking in. Check out this article by Harrsion for more info on how social media can boost your sales.


PPC – Pay-Per-Click

Pay-per-click in conjunction with social media, content marketing and SEO will put your business on the map and set you up for success. Set your budget low and your expectations high. Remember this is just an add-on to keep you on the top pages while you grow organically. We recommend spending no more than 25-50% of your advertising budget on PPC.

When considering PPC your top three go tos are-


  • Linkedin

  • Facebook/Instagram

  • Google

If you’re having difficulty working with these ad platforms, hire a professional or a marketing intern. Setting up your ads wrong will cost you more time and money than it’s worth.

Get More Social (build communities) Jump on Facebook and look into groups or rooms. Keep your clientele engaged with in-person or online events. Explore other interests they might have that your business pairs well with. Keeping your buyer engaged leads to more sales and a long-term business relationship.


Seo feeds the B2B sales funnel and keeps it running. Keeping your site up to date is so important for the search engine and for lead matching through Google. Make sure to stay on top of site changes, make sure your site goes mobile effortlessly and without much loss of content. Keep up with Google mobility testing to make sure that you have no broken pages or links.  And last but not least, submit your site to google to be crawled so it’s indexed.

Build an email list – Remember, it’s important to give to receive. Contrary to popular belief clients still love newsletters.

Everyone checks their email on their commute or over their morning coffee. Keep sending information. Let them know what’s happening. Need help writing your newsletter? Here’s what to include.

  • What’s coming up (new products, launches or events)
  • Blogs or new information about your industry
  • Surveys ( want to try something new or offer a new service, get some opinions)
  • Coupons, discounts and offers


Backlink & Cross-promotion

Get involved with other brands. Share the space and the community to help you grow. Remember there’s no I in team, it takes a village.

·         Blogger reviews- Influencers are all the rage in 2020.  Find some for your brand. Send out some discounted products or give away a service in exchange for posting and blog reviews.

·         Guest Blogging- Share your space by showing new faces. Look into an Instagram takeover or see if you can bring in a guest speaker for a facebook live or blog post.

·         Trade ad space- Ad space on social media and on the internet cost a fortune. Find brands who want to advertise with you and barter ad space. Remember, barter is one of the top ways to save money in B2B business sales.  

·         Affiliate marketing – Reward your B2B partners for buying and using your products. Set up affiliate codes so when they post about your product or share it with their clients, they get a kickback towards their next purchase with you. 80% of businesses have success with this type of marketing. It helps both your business and your client’s business grow.


Now you have all the tools for your toolbox! Meet with your team and put a plan in place? If you need help, feel free to reach out to our team! Or take a training with Harrison!

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