10 Interesting Facts About LinkedIn You Didn't Know Before This

10 Interesting Facts About LinkedIn

Networking can be depressing. When you're looking for a job, you want those resources at your fingertips, though many times they seem out of reach.

LinkedIn is a place that works to take out the hassle and produce results. Here's ten interesting facts about the professional networking website.

1. Grew From A Basic Job Site To A Global Phenomenon

The site was founded in 2003. It was then known as a place where you could simply place a resume online.

It's grown to be one of the top places in professional social networking. It has more than 546 million users in more than 200 countries across the world. Microsoft bought the site in 2016 for a little over $26 billion.

Microsoft continues to update the site and work with users for a better experience each time they log on.

It's not now only a place to place a resume, but a place for executives, professionals and leaders to come together to expand their lives.

2. Recruiters For Over 20,000 US Companies Use The Site

Recruiters use the site as one of their main places to find qualified job candidates. Over 20,000 US companies send their recruiters to the site. The site makes it easier for them to find keywords and skills needed for their jobs.

They don't have to sift through thousands of resumes when it's all listed online in one place.

Easy access for recruiters means an easy pathway to a new job journey for both the company and the new employee.

3. Million Of Jobs Are Posted Monthly

About 3 million jobs in America are posted to the site each month. It's a place where those looking for or into a company can find a lot of information on the company and its employees.

Since so many companies use the site to recruit, it's the perfect place for many employers to post their jobs.

This is good for both the companies posting and those looking for a job because it brings more people to the website.

Browsing job listings leads to more users checking their messages and looking for companies they love.

4. The Financial Facts

The website's financials are astounding to many. We stated already that Microsoft shelled out over $26 billion to buy the site.

In 2020, the site is projected to hit over $6 billion in revenues.

It generates over $370,000 per employee. 41% of millionaires actually use the website as well. What do all of these numbers mean?

They mean the investment is paying off, and people are cashing in on the site as a whole.

5. 80% Of Members Use The Mentoring Part Of The Site

The Career Advice feature on the site links mentors with mentees. This is in hopes they connect with one another on a high quality level leading to a brighter professional tomorrow for both.

About 80% of the site's members use this part of the site. Not everyone even has to use the mentor part of the site, they only need to recognize its power.

Businesses and professionals can post content on the site that answers questions proving their an expert on these topics.

This builds rapport and trust.

6. Connections Matter

People always say it's easier to get a job if you have connections. 70% of those hired at a company through the site say it was due to these connections.

This is why it's so important to build your network on the site.

You can connect with over 30,000 people in one place on the site. You can create content they see with posts that show up in their feed.

You are no longer a stranger, but a connection.

Many companies feel as if they aren't hiring a random person, but someone that is actually relevant in the professional world.

Trust is built a little better when the professional already has a platform so it seems no one is making a huge gamble.

7. B2B Marketers Love The Site

About 94 percent of of B2B marketers use the site to publish their content. This is because brands use the sites to grow their relationships.

It helps them establish a reputation and better leads.

They know who clicks on their companies. They know a whole new audience. The Company Page is a newer hit of the site.

Company pages now receive twice as many visitors than other pages without much information.

This is because potential employees want to know all they can about a business before investing in them or becoming an employee.

8. Skills Are A Big Thing

Members get the chance to list their special skills on their profile. Members that list five or more skills are messaged up to 33 more times by recruiters.

They also receive more profile views. It's important to keep up with growing trends as skills that are outdated are usually passed over by recruiters.

Some of the top skills listed are: Integration Software, User Interface Design, Data Presentation, SEO Marketing, and Mobile Development.

9. Mobile Usage Isn't The Majority

It might surprise some that in today's world of having a mini computer in our hands at all times, that only 41% of users visit the site via mobile.

This is drastically lower than Facebook's 88% or YouTube's 70% via mobile.

This might not mean anything specific in regards to business growth, but it does mean all content should be uploaded in a way it can be viewed on all forms of the web.

10. Video Is The Next Big Thing

Videos on the site are relatively new. Video is taking over most of the social media platform.

The network says that users are actually 20 times more likely to share a video than any other content.

From people dancing on TikTok to sharing their stories on Instagram, video presents a connection that seems deeper to many people than a photo.

Videos on Facebook grew in a little over a year from 1 billion to 8 billion views.

The same type of growth is shown in most social media platforms. Watch for the site's videos to take off.

The king of professional social media started as a small networking site only to grow into one of the most well-known sites on the web.

As it grows and changes each year, more people entering the workforce get to jump on the ride. These facts and numbers will only grow as the site continues to reach new heights.