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Get Trained As A LinkedIn Sales Expert
By Harrison Baron

How To Crush Sales From Home

Using A Proven Step By Step Process

Introducing LinkedIn Sales Masterclass

Program by Harrison Baron
Author/Creator: Harrison Baron

You will now be able to fill your sales pipeline with new businesses to target, strategically message key decision-makers, and attract your ideal buyer to message you first. More importantly, you will be able to increase your income and achieve the peace of mind to knowing sales will be rolling in.

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What is the LinkedIn Masterclass Training Program?

Today is the day you take back your business.

I know its a powerful statement but trust me, it's true.

Now I realize that some of you are reading this may and thinking, "I have no idea how to makes sales on LinkedIn. I can barely make sales in my regular outlets."

Don't worry; even if you have trouble finding the right prospects for your business or your not sure where your next sale is coming from, this is designed to help you succeed.

This LinkedIn Masterclass is a course designed to help salespeople and business owners identify who their target buyer is, how to get ahold of them, and even get them to come to you.

This may seem a bit unrealistic to you because most people have never had the opportunity to talk directly with key decision-makers. It's even harder to belive buyers will reach out to you for your goods and services.

Any time we don't know something about a topic, it seems a bit overwhelming.

This course contains everything you need to know in a step by step process to help you succeed.

It's designed to walk you through in an organized manner, starting with basic fundamentals all the way through professional secrets that the best salespeople are using every day. It provides you with the tools and the knowledge to locate people that can afford, buy, and need your products or service.

With the tools I'm going to provide to you, there is no telling how far you can take your sales and your business.

About you instructor

Harrison Baron is an entrepreneur who owns several companies. He has assisted thousands of people and hundreds of companies in their ability to find new clients as well as increase their sales and marketing.

Harrison has also been featured on dozens of expert podcasts where he sheds his insight on how social media and, predominantly, LinkedIn can have a serious impact on his business.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the secrets that I will be reviewing in this amazing course:

  • Basic Profile Setup – You will learn the right way to set up your profile to help LinkedIn's algorithm show your profile out.


  • Goal Setting & Planning – Want to make $10,000 per month? To get there, you need to set goals and build the right plan.


  • The purpose of your work – In order to be effective in sales, there has to be a purpose. This purpose will help you succeed and reach the goals you want.


  • Building A Selling Profile – Change your profile to something that gets people visiting you and wanting to ask you questions.


  • Identify Prospects – Discovering prospects alone can be hard. With the right guidance and system, it becomes easier than ever.


  • Sales Strategies – Understand the right way to make sales and figure out how to handle rejection.


  • The Value System – Givers Get. Adding value to your network can reward you and your company with serious paydays from customers eager to purchase


  • LinkedIn Software – LinkedIn's software is designed to promote certain people and content. Learn how to make it work for you and leverage it to your advantage.


  • Build Raving Fans – Did you know your customers can be better salespeople than you? Learn how to turn them into raving fans and get them to promote you online.


  • LinkedIn Premium – Not sure if you should pay for LinkedIn premium features? Understand the differences and know before you spend if its right for you.

Benefits Of Learning LinkedIn Sales Training

  • Boosts employee morale knowing the company is growing, and the salespeople are actively bringing in clients.


  • Reduces the stress of knowing whether or not you will make quota at the end of each month.


  • Removes the frustration of whether or not you're going to have enough money to pay your bills.


  • Empowers you to reach your peak level of sales and builds confidence to know there are always more people to do business with.


  • It helps you realize the power of having a system and knowing the skills to make sales from anywhere there is an internet connection.


  • Last but not least, it helps you improve your life both at work and at home by removing doubt and worry from your mind.

The Complete 8 Module Training  Program:

Module 1 - LinkedIn Core Training

  • How To Setup Each Part Of Your Profile
  • The way the algorithm works with your profile
  • What's necessary and not necessary on your profile
  • LinkedIn navigation and fundamentals of use
  • Building up your network


Module 2 - Sales Goal Setting

  • Find your purpose for your work
  • Set clear sales and personal goals
  • Build a roadmap to achievement
  • Defining the types of goals you create
  • Holding yourself accountable

Module 3 - Building A Selling Profile

  • Converting your profile into a selling machine
  • Develop a captivating headline for people to see
  • Modifying your about section to help visitors understand what you do
  • Use your statistics to help you grow
  • Build something to help sell for you 24/7

Module 4 - Finding Your Ideal Customer

  • Define your niche
  • Understanding why people should buy from you
  • How to leverage old customers to define future customers
  • The right way to reach out
  • Develop a buyer persona

Module 5 - Content Creation

  • What is content creation?
  • Understand when to use blogs, photos, or videos
  • Understand the real value of content
  • Get your content to get seen by more people than ever
  • Leverage your analytics

Module 6 - Sales Strategies + Getting Noticed

  • Why do people buy?
  • The secret to new connections
  • Discovering underlying reasons for buying
  • How to fulfill your agreement
  • Leverage old customers for more sales (in a way you have never seen before)

Module 7 - Lead Generation & Conversions

  • What is lead generation?
  • Active vs. Passive outreach
  • The right way to direct message connections
  • Background research
  • Gather emails and cold outreach

Module 8 - LinkedIn Premium

  • Should you pay for it?
  • What do you actually get from LinkedIn?
  • Is a LinkedIn premium plan right for you?
  • What plans do they offer?
  • Pros and cons of purchasing vs staying free

Bonus Training - LinkedIn Sales Navigator

  • Overview of Sales Navigator
  • How to use it
  • Targeting your ideal prospects
  • Background and discovery of connections
  • How to send effective sales InMails

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